Snorkeling And Chilling Out on Koh Samed, Thailand

Have you ever gone snorkeling? Do you like snorkeling? 🤿

We just went snorkeling for the first time together and it was so much fun! We visited two snorkeling spots around Koh Samed. Let us share with you our experience!

There are probably many people who work very hard and want to relax by traveling to the islands. But with limited time, we may not have many options. Due to the proximity to Bangkok and Rayong, local residents and expats like to come to Ko Samed on weekends and holidays. This island has it all – beautiful sea, clear water, white sand beach, and opportunity to snorkeling.

For those who like to have peace, Koh Samet has many beaches to choose from. But even party people will not be disappointed because there are many pubs and bars on the beach. What a perfect island, everyone can find something to do!

How To Get To Koh Samed

There a few transportation options to travel to Koh Samed from Bangkok:

1. Private car
You need to own or rent a car, obviously. Then you go towards the motorway to Pattaya, follow a road to Ranong-Klaeng, no need to turn into the city, go straight to the Banphe pier. It takes between 2.5 – 3 hours to reach Rayong.

2. Public bus from Mo Chit bus station
You can public transportation at Mo Chit, a bus leaves every 1 hour and takes about 4 hours.

3. Van from Mo Chit bus station
Mo Chit bus station has a van option to travel as well. The journey is approximately 3 hours and will cost 200-500 baht per person.

Day 1: Chill Out

We went to Koh Samed for 3 days and 2 nights. But if someone has less time, it’s fine to come here for 2 days 1 night only, as many Thai people do.

This time, we choose to stay at Saikaew Beach Resort, Koh Samed. On the first day, we haven’t had much activity except walking along the beach. In the evening we had dinner at the hotel and went back to the room.

Day 2: Snorkeling

Our highlight day started with breakfast at our hotel. Buffet breakfast with the international and Thai dishes was fine. We felt a bit disappointed with Nescafe coffee machines, but let’s keep this complaint for the next story.

We left the hotel at 9 am by transfer to the pier to take a speedboat. Altogether we visited two snorkeling spots around Koh Samed. There were some fish and corals under the water but we mostly enjoyed playing in the water and the view of the blue sea.

After that, we had a break on the Wong Duean beach. We had some needed relaxing time and took some photos. When we back to our speedboat, there were fruits prepared for us: pomelo, guava, and green mango. After the local treats, we went to the second snorkeling spot, which had stunning stone hills around. The second place was more about playing in the water than snorkeling but we had so much fun!

When finished our snorkeling tour, we went back to the piers where we went to relax to another beach to grab some local food. And in the evening we back to the second snorkeling spot, but from the island side this time, to catch the sunset!

At the end of the day, we had dinner at the restaurant Ploy Talay with an incredible fire show and delicious seafood!

Day 3: Chilling and coming back to Bangkok

We had a relaxing morning, following our departure to the piers, then we grab some coffee at the Elephante cafe and head to the 100 Pillar Market (Banphe Municipality), where we bought some local snacks and souvenirs, after what we went to have lunch at the Krua Ban Ban Restaurant, and went straight to Bangkok after.

Koh Samet still has a beautiful nature with a relaxing atmosphere. We had an amazing time with a lot of beautiful views and a blue sea around us. It happened that we always wanted to visit Koh Samed but we were choosing different locations in the end. However, we felt extremely satisfied and already looking forward to being back to Koh Samed soonest!

На Русском

🇷🇺 Вы любите снорклинг? 🤿 Мы вот впервые попробовали и это было так весело!

Всего мы посетили два места для сноркелинга в районе Ко Самеда. Было немного рыб и кораллов, но больше всего нам понравилось играть в воде и сам вид на синее море.

У нас была остановка посреди поездки на пустом пляже, на котором нет ничего, кроме белого песка. Это было великолепно! Когда мы вернулись на катер, для нас были приготовлены фрукты: помело, гуава и зеленое манго. Как не полюбить Таиланд, где везде есть возможность вкусно перекусить?