Pasai Beach, Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

We are on a beach that you may have seen in the movie “Mechanic: Resurrection” with Jason Statham and Jessica Alba…

The Pasai Beach is a quiet beach on Thai island Koh Yao Yai offering fantastic views over the limestone karsts of Phang Nga Bay and it is a fun place!

Have you watched movie Mechanic: Resurrection

We had not either!🤭

Some local people said that there is a house on this beach in movie
Mechanic: Resurrection but there is none in a real life. But yeah… the beach is great!🌴

There a few people around but the area is big enough to feel comfortable. There was a group of tourists who came over by boat for an extremely short time to take some pictures. But we still have that question… Is “Mechanic: Resurrection” really that famous movie❓

Picture from our Instagram
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