6 Best Beaches on Koh Larn, Thailand

Ko Lan (or Koh Larn) is a small island, located 10 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya. Ko Lan is rarely seen by tourists as a place to stay overnight, but rather as an attraction of Pattaya. Most tourists visit Koh Lan on day trips but we think it is completely undeserved and today we will explain to you why.

Despite its proximity to Pattaya, on Ko Lan, the visibility in the water reaches 10 meters or more, which makes it an excellent place for snorkeling and diving. You do not need to go far for all the delights of a tropical paradise – crystal clear sea, nice clean beach, bright sun, and tropical surrounding.

Pre-Covid, Ko Lan was visited by millions of tourists tired of the noisy nightlife and questionable Pattaya sea. Usually, people used to come here in the morning and return to the mainland in the evening. However, we love to come here for three or four days. It is very calm, inexpensive, and easy to get from Bangkok – got into the car, drove to the pier, parked the car, took the ferry and you are already on Ko Lan!

We often spend about three hours on the whole journey, which is not bad at all, because the island is very beautiful and relaxing.

About Koh Lan beaches

On Koh Lan, there are both – crowded beaches with a large selection of water sports and secluded, where for an hour you can not meet anyone at all (especially in the south).

Most of the beaches are located on the west coast of the island. It is almost impossible to swim on the east coast, because of the rocks. Information about 6 best beaches on Koh Larn below:

Hat Ta Waen Beach

Hat Ta Waen is the most popular and busiest beach on Koh Lan because it is easiest to get to. This beach is located right next to Hat Ta Waen Pier. The beach is 1 kilometer long. There is a full range of water activities, many cafes and souvenir shops, motorcycle and bicycle rental.

Sang Wan Beach

Hat Sang Wan is a tiny beach that is also next to Hat Ta Waen Pier, just on the other side of it (to the south). It is also easily accessible. There is also a cafe and some water activities like jet ski and banana boat.

Hat Samae

Hat Samae is definitely one of the best beaches on the island. It is quite popular and crowded, 700 meters long. There are water activities and a few local restaurants. The water is very clean, there is sand everywhere and almost no stones. This beach has only one resort and we stayed here for a few nights when we just started dating. It was an absolutely fabulous time!

Thien Beach

One of the best beaches on the island, even though it can be a bit crowded and popular. The beach has a length of 400 meters and is always filled with vacationers but in moderation. It has very clean water, easy entry into the water, little influence of low tides. There are reefs along the edges of the beach where you can snorkel and observe underwater life. You have to get to the beach from the pier by motorcycle or local taxi. We stayed on this beach a few nights once and we had an absolutely amazing time!

Nuan Beach (Monkey Beach)

Hat Nuan is also known as Monkey Beach. Monkeys are not always here, but usually in the morning, when it is not yet hot, you can meet some. The beach itself is sandy but rocky in some places. The length of the beach is no more than 300 meters. There are sunbeds, no entertainment, except for cafes.

Hat Ta Yai Beach (Hat Khong Beach)

This tiny beach is just 100 meters long and located at the northern tip of the island. There is practically no infrastructure here, but its privacy attracts some tourists.

Koh Lan hotels are abundant in its eastern part, but there are no beach areas. Directly on the beach, tourists can check into O Baanpak Koh Larn (Tawaen beach) and Xanadu Beach Resort (Samae beach).

Koh Lan has everything you need to stay for even a week: hotels, restaurants, night markets, bars, grocery stores, and there are a few 7/11 as well.

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