A Visit to the Monster Building in Hong Kong: Photos, Tips and History

Hong Kong has earned a reputation as a concrete jungle because of streets full of people and skyscrapers. In particular, the Monster Building provides a startling view of the city’s vast population. The parts of the buildings are stacked on top of each other and create a colorful, cohesive tapestry of houses.

Monster Building is a system of five interconnected buildings in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. It is a densely populated area in eastern Hong Kong with more industrial and residential buildings opening every year, but perhaps no building is as compact as the Monster Building.

Due to its symmetry and aesthetically striking architecture, the Monster Building complex has become a favorite place for locals and tourists to take photos for Instagram. The buildings inspired locations in several movies, including “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and “Ghost in the Shell”.

On the ground floor, there are shops, cafes, beauty salons, laundries, and many other establishments. Here you can buy food, things, repair household appliances.

The History of the Monster Building

The Monster Building is actually not one building, but a complex of five interconnecting structures: Oceanic Mansion, Phuc Chong Building, Montane Mansion, Ick Chong House, and Fat Ick House. They were built during the demographic boom in the 1960s to offer government-subsidized housing for low-income residents.

In the 60s, the population of Hong Kong began to grow rapidly, and serious demographic problems arose in the country. An acute housing crisis led to the fact that the city authorities decided to start the construction of social quarters from high-rise buildings with a huge number of small apartments. In one of these areas, the Monster Building appeared.

The apartments in the Monster Building were subsidized by the government. Since then, many different buildings have sprung up in Hong Kong, but the monster house remains the most populous today.

Tourists who want to see the life of Hong Kongers from the inside should visit the famous house. This dizzying fortress simply amazes with a huge number of balconies, pipes, wires, antennas, ropes with clothes drying on them. Mostly there are three and four-room apartments, but many owners illegally divide such premises into smaller pieces and rent them out to people who are not able to pay for the whole apartment.

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