Exploring Unique Giant Tree in Uthai Thani, Thailand

Today we are taking you to see a secret local attraction – Giant Tree in Uthai Thani province. We had an amazing trip exploring new places and brought back many beautiful photos to show you a bit more of unseen Thailand.

The story of this place started when the ancient Lao Khrang community has migrated to settle in this spot, which later got the name Ban Sa Nam community. Later on, the hundreds of years old Xiangyong tree became the signature sightseeing of the region. Let’s learn more about this place.

When we arrived, we saw the market first. It is located along the way that leads to the giant tree. This local market opens for shopping every Saturday and Sunday. In this market, you can buy local products to support people in the community. Here you can find ethnic clothing, many different types of rice, local snacks, herbal drinks, Thai desserts, dried herbs, spices, and much more.

After walking through the market, we got inside the area with the tall trees. It will take you just a few minutes, but during the daytime, it may be a bit hot to walk. We came here in the evening, which was a perfect time – beautiful light, fewer people and even a bit windy.

You will easily see this giant Xiangyong tree. In case you are curious, the circumference of the stem is about 97 meters. But if measured by spreading arms, you would need around 40 people! This Giant tree is not just must-visit sightseeing but it is also like a center that brings faith to its community.

In the past, this tree belonged to Mr. Hiang’s father-in-law, the forest villager, with his father-in-law intended to sell it to a merchant for 9,000 baht to make various wood products. But then he realized that it won’t be possible to find such a large tree again, so he left this tree to the community but as a return asked them to maintain and take care of the area, which locals do till today.

Also, every year, on the first lunar day of the sixth month, there will be a host party and a house closing tradition. This local ceremony expresses gratitude and respect for the ancestors’ spirits that preserve, protect and ensure good living. This giant tree is also part of this ritual.

Giant Tree in Uthai Thani is a place that we would like to recommend everyone to visit to see this wonder of nature. You will definitely get beautiful photos for social media. In addition to giant trees and the market, there is also a cafe located nearby to chill and have coffee.

Giant Tree in Uthai Thani
Address: Ban Rai Subdistrict, Ban Rai District, Uthai Thani Province
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/qXv5XjCYFHoMnho57
Open to visitors: can be visited all day.

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