Traveling to Khao Ngu Stone Park: a must-visit place in Ratchaburi, Thailand

Today we are taking you to the must check place for all photo and nature lovers. “Khao Ngu Stone Park” is a forest stone park located at Tambon Koh Phlapphla, Amphur Muang, about 8 kilometers away from Ratchaburi Province. Originally it was a major stone bombing and digester in Thailand. Later, both the government and the people realized the deterioration of the terrain, and the concession for the explosion and crushing of rocks in this area has been canceled.

Now you can find here a beautiful view of nature with a lake located in the middle of the valley. Khao Ngu Stone Park is a very popular local attraction. People come here to take photos, do sport, spend time outdoors or even to have dinner as there is a local market nearby.

You can come here at any season. But people say, during the day it can get quite hot, it may be better to come here during the evening. We saw many people who came to exercise in the evening.

Anyone looking to travel near Bangkok should consider chilling at Khao Ngu Stone Park, Ratchaburi. We loved that we came here without any expectations but enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

How To Get To Khao Ngu Stone Park in Ratchaburi:

Private car
Follow highway No. 3087, Ratchaburi – Chom Bueng – Suan Phueng Road.

There is a public bus To Khao Ngu Stone Park from the Muang District, Ratchaburi Province.

Khao Ngu Stone Park
📍 Location:
🏠 Address: Koh Phlapphla Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand
🕒 Hours: Daily 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.
💲 Entrance Fee: Free Of Charge

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