9 Best Places to Visit and Things to-Do in Loei, Thailand

When travelers are bored with relaxing on the white beaches in Thailand, it’s time to head to the north and discover the serenity of life in this part of the country. Chiang Mai is an extremely known and popular destination for its green hills. But those who want to wander along less-traveled routes should go to the north-east of the country, to the province of Loei. Let’s explore together!

Loei is a province in northeastern Thailand. In this part of the country, you will encounter mountains with cool temperatures and fog. Loei is located 540 kilometers from Bangkok and offers travelers the same scenic scenery as neighboring Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. But, in addition to the emerald forests and vibrant festivals that are loved by guests of Northern Thailand, travelers will also find original cuisine in Loei: spicy salads, aromatic cuisines, and famous local coffee.

If you are a foreigner, tourism ends in Loei and the journey begins. Just walk the streets and feel the real provincial Thailand, far from tourism. They say that there are many must-visit spots in Loei and today we gonna show you some of the most exciting spots around this region. Are you ready for another trip with us? Let’s go!

1) Skywalk In Chiangkhan

Chiang Khan Skywalk is a quite new attraction and the second skywalk in the Isan region. This glass bridge rises 80 meters off the ground and boasts sweeping views of the Mekong river and Thai-Laotian borders.

We saw this sightseeing while visiting a small town Chiang Khan in Loei Province, Thailand. This particular part of Northeastern Thailand is a real hidden gem for foreign visitors but it definitely should be on a bucket list for mountain lovers.

You can come here to appreciate stunning views over the Mekong River and even see Laos on the other side of the coast. The landscape is very impressive and beautiful.

πŸ“ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/riKfnv4Va29Cq75q7
🏠 Address: O Bo Cho Loei Rd, Pak Tom, Chiang Khan District, Loei 42110
πŸ•’ Hours: 7AM-6PM
πŸ’² Admission: 50 Baht

2) Tai Dam Cultural Village

Tai Dam Cultural Village is where to learn about the traditions of ethnic group called Thai Dum (Thai people that wear black). This spot is located in Ban Na Pa Nat, Tambon Khao Kaew, and made a place for the ethnic grous, whose ancestors had migrated from Laos in 1905. Their culture has been well preserved in the forms of their folk houses and lifestyle.

We didn’t just visit a very interesting ethnic village but participate in many local activities: we joined a workshop to learn how to make a traditional village handy craft. Then local ladies showed us their traditional dance movies dance, while men taught us how to play some traditional musical instruments made out of bamboo. It felt so different from anything we’ve done before but it was enjoyable to learn about a new culture!

We all hear that Thailand is a land of smiles but only in places like this, you understand what exactly what this means! We would highly recommend coming one day if you have a chance, we promise you will have a lot of fun.

πŸ“ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/jxhSBfyHnBk7u1sGA
🏠 Address: Khao Kaeo Chiang Khan Loei 17150

3) Flower Painting Workshop At Cafe De Meena

This painting workshop was like no other! In Cafe De Meena you not only can get refreshing coffee and a yummy meal but paint artwork with real flowers.

The process was super simple. We went to pick up flowers from the organic garden. Then we took the petals off a few flower heads and dropped them into a little bowl. Poured water over the petals – just enough water so the petals are covered. Using a wooden stick, we mixed the petals in the water. Then just use a brush.

We tried to make a rainbow flag but the result was… well you can see yourself. However, we loved our workshop. The whole place is amazing and they have the best cold brew coffee with lime and vanilla we ever had in our life!

πŸ“ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Mpp3XHnmATnCRcfy8
🏠 Address: 471 Nong Bua, Phu Ruea District, Loei 42160
πŸ•’ Hours: 8.30AM-6PM

4) Phu Ruea National Park

One of the most popular destinations in Loei for travelers is Phu Ruea National Park. The most beautiful thing here is the fog during the sunrise. The road along which the ascent takes place is surrounded by trees and lawns with wildflowers, and this, believe us, is very beautiful.

From the top of Phu Ruea National Park, travelers enjoy views of the beautiful sunrise and scenic fields. We came up here to meet the sunrise, but this time we could not see any mountains view due to the thick fog. But you couldn’t have such weather in Thailand often, so we did not regret waking up in the morning to just walk in the beautiful forest.

We were all lazy and very sleepy the whole day after that, but we still didn’t regret our chilly forest experience in Thailand!

πŸ“ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/i87d1BYMFm5uGwaK6
🏠 Address: Nong Bua, Phu Rua Loei 42160
πŸ•’ Hours: 7AM-6PM
πŸ’² Admission: 40-200 Baht

5) Wat Somdet Phu Ruea Ming Mueang

Wat Somdet Phu Ruea Ming Mueang is a temple on top of a mountain surrounded by beautiful mountain views. This temple has become very popular due to its unusual wooden architecture. Many tourists come to see the carved teak doors and windows. It is very spacious and calm, so there is a place for everyone.

We liked the view that opens from this temple and the unusual architecture that you can only see here.

πŸ“ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ryJERmrLst4QtCGv5
🏠 Address: Nong Bua, Phu Ruea District, Loei 42160
πŸ•’ Hours: 9AM-5PM

6) Phi Ta Khon Dan Sai Museum

Phi Ta Khon Museum is located inside the temple Wat Phon Chai in Amphoe Dan Sai, Loei. It exhibits the history of inherited culture and traditions including “Phi Ta Khon”, the traditional amusement with the handmade masks that have been inherited for a long time.

We not just joined Phi Ta Khon mask making master class but, as well, made a sort of decoration with a giant cucumber and wax for a Buddhist ceremony. We enjoyed these workshops where we were making several handicrafts and paint traditional masks. Plus the temple is very relaxing with many cute dogs and cats.

πŸ“ Location: https://g.page/Phitakhon?share
🏠 Address: Dan Sai, Dan Sai District, Loei 42120
πŸ•’ Hours: 8AM-5PM

7) Haitak Viewpoint

We realized how we’ve been missing mountains when we came to the viewpoint Ban Haitak, a new tourist attraction in Loei Province.

The local villagers named it “Highland” because apart from the cool weather, there are greenery and mountain peaks with the sea mist. From this viewpoint, you can see three different districts of Thailand and the country next-door – Laos.

This viewpoint about 20 kilometers away from Phu Ruea National Park and is 750 meters above sea level.

πŸ“ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/GHEWhQQZM8mEQjV66
🏠 Address: Lat Khang, Phu Ruea District, Loei 42160, Thailand

8) Make merit in Chiang Khan

We don’t wake up every time to do merit, but some of the cities we visited, including Chiang Khan, are listed as must-do.

This morning was unforgettable! Almost the entire main street of the city was covered with local carpets so that those who wish could make merit. The cool feature was that we did not have to prepare anything in advance. You can rent a place for the ceremony and get a set with the food for the monks for a small fee.

πŸ“ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/qeq2JBAAQNYnJpNV8
🏠 Address: Chai Kong, Chiang Khan, Chiang Khan District, Loei 42110, Thailand

9) Phu Lumduan View Point

Phu Lumduan View Point is a beautiful viewpoint of Loei province, from which you can see the Mekong River. Before it used to be an agricultural area for growing corn but later it was changed to a tourist attraction.

When you arrive at the place, you must rent the villager’s E-tak car, since the area is hard to reach because of the soil. E-Tak car takes about 20 minutes to reach the top of Phu Lumduan View Point.

The perfect time to go up to see the view is between 5 and 6 pm but we came here in the middle of the sweltering afternoon heat. Still managed to enjoy the view and even took some shots.

The province can be visited at any time of the year, but the most popular among travelers is the period from mid-October to February when the air temperature here drops to an annual minimum. The region is popular with cyclists during the high season. Temperatures can reach freezing here at night, so you should take warm clothes with you.

πŸ“ Location: https://goo.gl/maps/TcG6b1f8KEeKodW38
🏠 Address: Pak Chom, Pak Chom District, Loei 42150, Thailand
πŸ’² Admission: 60 Baht