The 7 Best Spots to Take Pictures on Koh Kood, Thailand

Koh Kood is an island in the Trat region of Thailand. We spent five wonderful days here and are ready to show you the best places that we really enjoyed. We are not sure how good the idea to show Instagramble spots on the island, but we would like to try.

We have already said about the resort where we spent the first two nights, and also briefly told what we did on the last day of 2020 and the first day of 2021.Now we are ready to show you the most photogenic places on Koh Kood, which we hope will inspire you on your next trip. You are ready? Then let’s go!

1. Coconut Palm Plantation

Maybe it sounds silly, but we always wanted to take a drone shot with palms. And since Aon gifted me a drone as a NY present, the dream finally came true! We found this place by accident while riding a motorcycle on Koh Kood island. Actually, this wasn’t a tourist spot at all. We noticed this coconut palm plantation when we lost wandering around without a GPS signal. Being able to discover beautiful nature and seeing these magical palm trees from above was an absolutely incredible experience!

๐Ÿ“ Location:
๐Ÿ’ก Tip: On the right side of the temple, you will see the road that full of the palms!

2. Swing Palm on The Ao Tapao Beach

It seems to us that upon returning from a beach vacation, everyone should bring at least a few pictures with palm trees. And to make it fun to shoot, we recommend you come to Ao Tapao Beach to not just take a photo for Instagram, but to have fun riding a swing on the beach as well!

There is a good restaurant on this shore, which has nice coffee, so this point is also suitable for taking a break to recharge.

๐Ÿ“ Location:
๐Ÿ  Address: 26/5 เธซเธกเธนเนˆ 2 Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000
๐Ÿ’ก Tip: The pinned location is the entrance of the Seafar Resort Koh Kood, which you can use to enter the beach. On Koh Kood it mostly allowed for people to enter any beach if it’s not private.

3. Huang Thap Kwang Waterfall

Waterfalls on the islands are a very unpredictable thing and even locals cannot say how much water there will be. There are several waterfalls on Koh Kud, but it was Huang Thap Kwang Waterfall that was more or less calm to rest a little since we came during holidays. There was not too much water, but it was still great to spend some time here. It was a lot of fun riding a motorcycle along a forest trail, going downhill, and then still wading through huge stones. Nature around is very beautiful!

๐Ÿ“ Location:

4. Wooden Bridge

Another must-visit spot for photos from Koh Kood is wooden bridge on the sea! You don’t need particular this one as there are a lot of them on the island, but there is only one on Ao Phrao Beach. Despite the fact that this bridge belongs to Koh Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort, even ordinary beach goers can walk along the bridge without any problems.

There is usually no one on the bridge in the middle of the day and in the morning. We even managed to play with the drone while no one was there. But if you don’t have a drone, there are many different photo angles on the bridge. Sure you will back with at least few cool shots.

๐Ÿ“ Location:
๐Ÿ  Address: 62 เธซเธกเธนเนˆ 5, Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000

5. The Deck Bar

We must admit that we did not come to The Deck Bar because we were staying at Koh Kood Resort, which is located in the beach area of โ€‹โ€‹the hotel. That being said, if you want to enjoy the sunset while sipping cocktails at a beautiful beach club, you can just come here without booking the room. At first we thought we wanted to rent a motorcycle or go kayaking, but when we saw this relaxing beach area, we decided to just wallow and enjoy each other. Despite being lazy and relaxed, we still decided to bring at least a few photos to show you around.

๐Ÿ“ Location:
๐Ÿ  Address: Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000
๐Ÿ•’ Hours: 11AM-10PM

6. Sunset Beach at Ao Phrao Beach

We have so many photos from Ao Phrao Beach because we were staying at the Sunshine Resort for two nights. This beach is usually empty, so you feel very private here. We liked that from this beach you can enjoy the sunset in the evening, while in the daytime there are many palm tree views to enjoy. We also note that the beach is very comfortable for swimming and for playing with a drone.

๐Ÿ“ Location:

7. Double Palm Trees

These double palm trees belong to the High Season Pool Villa & Spa, but there is public access to them. The double coconut tree in Thailand symbolizes good luck. Earlier, Thais also believed that such a wonder of nature protects from lightning. Thai people also believed that such a wonder of the world protects from lightning.

By the way, we suggest visiting this place in the afternoon because the water level is high in the morning, so you have to walk to this place through the sea.

๐Ÿ“ Location:
๐Ÿ’ก Tip: We pinned on Google Map a spot for the motorbike parking. After, you have to cross the road to the beachside and walk to the right side, passing by hotels till you see double coconut palms.

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