Staying 2 Nights at The Sunshine Resort, Koh Kood, Thailand (Review)

We said this a hundred times, but we hate planning! And still, every new trip begins with what we book on the last day. Our New Year holidays were no exception, and when we started checking out the remaining options, we were shocked by expensive and old leftover options. Fortunately, we decided to wait, and we found some good rooms in two different hotels. Today we will tell and show you how we spent our time at the Sunshine Resort on Koh Kood.

We spent two nights here in total, including New Year’s Eve. The hotel did not plan any celebrations due to the situation with the virus. We want to especially note that this resort is very respectful of the rules, which we really liked. There were long distances between the houses with a huge number of well-groomed trees and plants. We felt very private and protected.

During breakfast, we were asked to put on plastic gloves. We really liked it! The choice of food was also quite good, but it may seem boring to some. What we liked was that some of the dishes were very healthy but also delicious. They also had a salad bar, but the coffee was instant, so we think beverages could be better.

The best feature of this hotel is the beach! Huge, white, empty, and clean at the same time. Since we arrived during the New Year, and one of the gifts was a newly bought drone, we managed to practice flying and making videos without disturbing other people. We think this hotel will suit newcomers like us because as there is a lot of space and the hotel has confirmed that they do not mind drone flights.

By the way, not far from the hotel there is a very beautiful wooden pier, which, although it belongs to another hotel, can be visited! On the beach of the hotel itself, there are many places to take pictures. You can also see the sunset on this beach, but during our stay, it was a little cloudy in the evening and we did not find anything epic.

If you are looking for a nice quiet hotel for a couple of nights, then we think this will be perfect. The first day we just spent at the hotel – we played with the drone, sat on the porch in front of our house with gin tonics in our hands. On the second day, we rented a motorcycle right outside the hotel and rode around the island exploring different places. If someone thinks about something like that, then we can say it may be a very convenient option.

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