Scandinavian-style Coffee Hopping in Kanchanaburi – The Attic Cafe Review

Cafe hopping in Kanchanaburi is an incredible opportunity to explore cafes in different styles. Since we have stayed in the province for quite a while, we made sure we stopped in the middle of a hot day to grab some iced coffee. And since we already went to Japanese style Kan Machi Cafe, this time we decided to sit and chill in a newly opened Scandinavian style place with the name The Attic Cafe.

The Attic Cafe can be seen to whoever drives through the main road from Kanchanaburi since there is only one eye-catching building with a white triangle house under a green roof.

The cafe is designed like a large attic room with half of the shop inside is a window. Nice idea to have a drink with gorgeous views of the mountains and meadows. The interior of the shop is minimal but at the same time, it looks comfortable and pleasant to chill for a bit.

The Attic Cafe is often called Kanchanaburi’s must-try cafes. There are many reviews of this place on the internet however there are none in English (yet!)

The drink menu has a lot to choose from, both Non-Coffee and Coffee drinks. In addition, we loved their bakery menu. The cakes were delicious looking and we were told they are baked fresh every day… Of course, we couldn’t resist and get apple pie that turned to be amazing! We also had lychee cold brew coffee and iced yuzu coffee, both choices weren’t something we usually get but we loved our drinks even coffee here is a bit too soft for us.

When customers come in, they will feel more peaceful. When we arrived, there were some people, but since we came in the late afternoon, a lot of the crowd left so we could easily walk around to take photos.

There is another highlight of The Attic Cafe for local folks – the signature loft-style window in the roof. Many Thai bloggers and coffee shop goers coming over to take photos in it and, of course, we weren’t an exception.

It must be an amazing idea to come in the evening since they open till 6 pm. But we don’t drink coffee that late. We go to coffee shops to drink coffee, so we usually come around noon.

The Attic Cafe is definitely should be on your itinerary when you travel around Kanchanaburi. The drinks and bakery are delicious and affordable. Cafe hopping goers will definitely enjoy a minimalistic interior, plus there are many angles to take beautiful photos for Instagram or other social media.

More Information About The Attic Cafe

📍 Address: 83/1 M.1 Thalor, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi 71000
⏰ Opening hours: 07.00-18.00 (open every day)
☎️ Phone: 0625608003
📱 Line ID: @theattickan
🚗 Location on Google Map:

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