Kan Machi Cafe Bringing Japan to Kanchanaburi (Review)

Since domestic tourism began to be active again, Kanchanaburi Province became one of the most popular destinations for locals and expats in Thailand. A good variety of natural sightseeings, reasonable accommodations, beautiful views, and convenience to travel from Bangkok attracts tourists to visit Kanchanaburi province. There are also many interesting and cute coffee shops around. Just like the cafe that we are going to take you to today! Kan Machi Cafe is a Japanese- style cafe that will make you feel you flew out of Thailand. Does it sound interesting to you? Let’s go and see!

Kan Machi Cafe is a cafe and restaurant that has only recently opened. We love the idea of bringing Japaneseness to this province since Japan had a huge impact on the history of Kanchanaburi.

From the first step into the store, you won’t be disappointed! At the entrance, there are a few spots for taking photos as well as a large red torii gate and a Totoro statue. The main area of the shop is decorated in a Japanese garden style. There is a pond in the middle and a red wooden bridge, among with a rock garden.

The shop itself is built like an old Japanese house with sliding wooden doors. Must admit to the attention to detail of the shop is really impressive.

As for the food and beverage menu, there is a wide selection of coffee, tea, savory, sweet desserts, and other beverages. We had Iced Mocha and craft soda imported from Japan! Since the day was hot, it was actually such a great idea to stop by!

There is an area by the side that is decorated as Japanese Street, with many cute corners to take photos. People who enjoy taking pictures won’t be disappointed!

The atmosphere of the cafe is really good, people who miss Japan would definitely love it. Just a perfect spot for everyone who missing international traveling like us!

Information About Kan Machi Cafe

Time: 10.00 am – 7.00 pm (Closed every Wednesday)
Address: River Kwai, Kaeng Sian Subdistrict Mueang Kanchanaburi District Kanchanaburi 71000
Phone: 094 592 6553
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/5hCWYBvhdm1uYU9F9

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