Different kinds of feelings and emotions in Thai with their literal translation

We wish you a happy weekend! Today we want to tell you how fun the Thai language can be. Thai people call different kinds of feelings and emotions in a very interesting way. And since there are more and more friends want to know more insider facts about Thai culture, we thought these cute literal translations of some feelings and emotions can help you to understand why Thailand calls the land of smiles!

  • Kind (To have heart juice) = มีน้ำใจ (Mee-Nam-Jai)
  • Sad (Lost a heart) = เสียใจ (Sia-Jai)
  • Happy (Good heart) = ดีใจ (Dee-Jai)
  • Shocked (Dropped a heart) = ตกใจ (Tok-Jai)
  • Calm (Cool heart) = ใจเย็น (Jai-Yen)
  • Excited (Wake up and dance?) = ตื่นเต้น (Teun-Then)
  • Impatient (Hot heart) = ใจร้อน (Jai-Ron)
  • Selfish (Black heart) = ใจดำ (Jai-Dam)
  • Will power (Heart’s strength) = กำลังใจ (Kam-Lang-Jai)

We love finding funny translations from Thai and generally learning each other’s native languages. Do you like learning new languages? How many languages do you speak?

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