How We Spend The Last Day of 2020 and The First Day of 2021

We hope the new year starts well for all of you! ✨

Our last few days were absolutely mad! We were going to celebrate with Aon’s family in one of the resorts, but it turned out that our room was booked incorrectly. Instead, without thinking twice, we decided to go to one of the islands that we have always wanted to visit – Koh Kood. This island is considered one of the most beautiful in Thailand and almost many travel blogs mention Koh Kood in their best hidden-gem lists. 💎

We arrived at the pier at 9:30 AM, but it turned out that the boat tickets had to be booked in advance and everything was already sold out long ago. What a bummer again! 😅After a bit of shock, I told Aon to go to the ticket office and ask if there were any latecomers. Five minutes before departure, it turned out that two passengers would not be able to arrive on time due to traffic jams – when crossing regions from the red zone, nurses checked everyone’s temperature, and as a result, people stood in traffic jams for hours. But we were lucky because we were already in the region next to the pierce. We got two tickets, in the end, and we drove off to the island happy.

Koh Kood turned out to be an incredibly beautiful island! 🏝We enjoyed the sea, the beach and played with the new drone. We had a great last day of the year and fell asleep at 10 pm without waiting for midnight. Whether age or a desire to explore the island, we woke up at 6 am and went to explore Koh Kood on a motorcycle! We were so fascinated by this island, we completely forgot about the phones for a few days and just enjoyed our explorer mood.

As it turned out, while we weren’t sitting at the phones, cases began to grow actively in Thailand. It was announced that the island would be quarantined. And the region through which we had to return to Bangkok, too.

We couldn’t believe that we were in such a situation again. Last year, when it just started, we were in a neighboring country and flew away on the last possible flight. And now we were leaving the island in almost the last boat.

Thailand had 0 cases for several weeks and the number never rose more than a few dozen. And despite all this, how quickly our country fell into another quarantine with hundreds of new cases daily. So for now, home sweet home and sweet sweet memories one of which is this photo we took on the 1st day of 2021.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones ❤️

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