Watching stunning sunset on Koh Samed, Thailand

When’s the last time you watched the sunset? Do you like to watch the sunset?

Today we are taking you to watch stunning sunset on Koh Samed. We love watching how the Sun disappears behind the sparkling blue ocean and our dream to enjoy the view of the sunset every day! We are always curious if is it possible to be tired of the sunset view? Hopefully one day we can tell you!

The sunset viewpoint located at the end of the island Koh Samed in the Ao Lung Dam area. If anyone is interested in a panoramic view and a chill atmosphere, you definitely should come over and check this spot out!

The sunset viewpoint at Ao Lung Dam is considered to be one of the most interesting spots on Koh Samet. Anyone who wants to watch the sunset should come between 5:30 pm and 6 pm, otherwise you may miss it.

When we arrived at Coral Bay, we climb up onto the rocks to watch the sunset with friends. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen! And definitely one of the most romantic viewpoints around the island.

A lot of tourists come to take pictures here, others just chilling. We found some creative art-works, made out the stones. The stones are stacked up several floors (have a look below). Some Thai people believe it will bring them happiness or make their wish come true.

Despite the fact that on Koh Samet there are many spots where you can go to watch the sunset but this one is the most popular one. And after watching the sunset we totally understood why!

На Русском

Сегодня мы приглашаем вас полюбоваться потрясающим закатом на острове Самед! Если вас интересует панорама с видом на морской горизонт и прекрасным оранжевым солнцем, вы обязательно должны приехать полюбоваться!

Это был один из самых красивых закатов, которые мы когда-либо видели! И определенно одна из самых романтических смотровых площадок на острове. Несмотря на то, что на Самете есть много мест, куда можно пойти полюбоваться закатом, но эта одно из самых популярных. И, увидев закат, мы поняли почему!

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