We forgot all cash and cards at Ko Yao Yai island. Read what happened!

Would you like to have a real Thai experience? If so, Koh Yao Yai is your answer!🍍 This island is located in the Andaman Sea, halfway between Phuket and Krabi, and can offer a very calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Golden hour during the sunset at the beach near Try Baan Taranya Resort

A true paradise of spectacular beaches, coconut plantations, picturesque sunsets and amazing sea life. What else to say? Paradise found! Hotel not yet? We may say there wouldn’t be a problem to find one. There is a big variety from super affordable small houses to the resorts.

The pier near The Baan Taranya Ko Yao Yai Resort

This time we stayed at The Baan Taranya Ko Yao Yai Resort. We, if we remember correct, have choose this accommodation because they run a good promotion at that time.

For us, this resort was a perfect choose. It wasn’t too expensive and even we didn’t get a perfect white sand beach, we spent our evenings by listening to the sea, talking, laughing and having happy hour cocktails by the beach🍹 Just us and the sea even though our hotel had a pier, a beach and a restaurant. One of the best nights!

Our resort also literally save our life financial! Do you want to hear how we failed❓ ⁣ ⁣

In this picture below, we are sitting on a bed that was involved in the story. After we checked into the Baan Taranya Resort, we noticed that our safe already had a code entered into it. So we could not use the safe (we were too lazy to inform hotel staff about it too 😂).

Before heading to the famous Pasai beach.We decided to hide our wallets under the mattress. Yeah, under THIS mattress! We took some cash out but we totally forgot that we had put the wallets under there 🙃

Picture from our Instagram

Unfortunately, we only realized this problem when we were already in Phuket. That day we had taken the last boat to Phuket and our flight from Phuket to Bangkok was at midnight ✈️

The pier at Koh Yao Yai island

We immediately notified the staff of the Baan Taranya Resort about it and they called us back as soon as they found the wallets. They took pictures of all our cash, cards and documents 🏨 ⁣ ⁣After that our friends Will and Yang, who are our bff based in Phuket, told us that they would contact the hotel about picking up everything from the pier in Phuket next morning. As soon as Will got everything from the boat, our friends transferred the cash to our banking account and mailed the documents and credit cards to us!

Picture break🕒☕️ We are at the Naiyang Beach (Phuket), having a dinner with our friends Will and Yang, while waiting for a flight to Bangkok in a few hours, and knowing, all our cash and cards at Koh Yao Yai 😅

We were so grateful to our Phuket babes and the good folks from Baan Taranya Resort. It could have been a really bad situation but it turned out fine because of the other people. A big thanks to everyone involved in this story😘♥️ ⁣

Did something similar happen to you❓Please share with us in a comments section❗️

It was such a special time and our fail story was a spicy addition to our trip!
We would like to add that it is not a sponsored post. We decided to make a blog post about The Baan Taranya Resort as a way to thank them for all amazing job they doing for their guests and for being professional! And we also want everybody to know about our superhero friends!
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