Khao Yai Art Museum

As we were in Khao Yai, we decided to get a cultural and historical dose of Thailand. In the Khao Yai museum, there lies one of the most insightful works that just leave you reflecting. What we found interesting is the number of historical collections that have been restored.

This art museum is a private museum owned by Mr. Pongchai Chindasuk. In order to not just benefit hi self from the art collection, he opened it for the public free of any charge. His generosity allowed many art connoisseurs to reflect upon the work of many international artists and expand their horizons of thoughts. The Museum is filled with hundreds of paintings from hundreds of artists that make the work in the gallery versatile and different. Not just only the artwork, the museum consists of beautiful sculptures. And in order to explore all this, we decided that it was about time we went to see the Khao Yai Art Museum.

The Statues at the Entrance

Khao Yai Museum wasn’t easy to find. Even with the GPS, we needed several directions because it was hidden behind a small hill before we got to the National Park. As we reached the end of the road, on the hilltop we found several buildings that all constituted the museum. The museum was built at an area of 20 rai of Pak Chong district in Nakhon Ratchasima.

The gallery covers over 1,700-sq-meter and we could slightly spot the sculpture garden too. We noticed that the museum also displayed great architecture in the form of those buildings. As we made our way inside the museum, we noticed some large sculptures on the way which were magnificent. Their stupendous carvings and great handiwork were what left us astounded before we had entered the museum. It was quite impressive really and we hadn’t even entered the museum yet. The museum had made use of the hills wonderfully as you could spot a golden statue of Ganesha peering at you from the top of the hill. It really is its most iconic statues and we had heard about it a lot before we came here. The wonderful buildings displayed are open to being looked at as they are truly magnificent and the intricate architecture guarantees no waste of time. Of all these, the three great exhibition halls are the best.

The Artworks

As we looked through the museum, we found some really thoughtful things like there was this one room full of paintings by the very famous artist Chalermhai Kasitpipat who also made Chiang Rai’s most famous Wat Rong Khun. This just pulls one into one of the Hindu legends and mythologies. Most of his art revolves around that takes one into an alternate universe that is full of vivid colors and most intriguing stories.

We looked at the various pieces Chalit Nimtim, Charoen, Preecha Tha Thong, Amphur Saves. Then as we looked some more, we found some beautiful oil paintings by Lampu Kansanoh and some striking pieces by Anupong Chantorn that really were beautiful and it was amazing when we saw that they were available for purchase too. This gallery was so gorgeous that anyone who loves art and knows well to read the abstract work would love to come here.

We are no art connoisseurs but we certainly enjoyed a lot. And other people not interested in art will find it as a very nice place, the atmosphere is calming and relaxing. You can simply take a walk around the gallery and you will remove some of those tensions. We were not really up for buying the costly work so we moved to the café on the second floor that offered some great coffee. After the cups of coffee, we moved into the gift shop. There was some interesting stuff there. You might also look for souvenirs if you are here for some trip.

ARTSPACE and Other Activities

This art museum was really a must-visit because there is so much in this little space. You find amazing artwork inside and stupendous sculptures outside. You also get to witness some mesmerizing architecture which is all very fulfilling. You can also have a nice stay at the six rest houses too that are quite affordable. If you are a family of 8 to 10 guests, then these rest houses will be perfect for you.

We had an exceptional visit and it was the best one and a half hours of our day. The museum is generally opened from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m. You can visit during this time. Afterward, we were free to take pictures and we captured some beautiful shots. The whole gallery was a really enjoyable experience we got to learn a lot about modern art among other things. We captured a few pieces here and there to secure those moments. The staff was also very friendly. And as we closed this lovely visit we were thoroughly impressed and happy to spend some quality time at a nice place.

Address: บ้านท่าช้าง หมู่ที่ 6 Tambon Mu Si, Amphoe Pak Chong, Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima 30130
Phone: 044 756 060
Opening Hours: 9 am – 5:30 pm.
Google Maps link:

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