Two Perfect Beaches For Sunset Lovers On Koh Larn Island (Pattaya, Thailand)

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Many of us have a secret sunset spot. Where is your favorite place? Today we want to reveal our favorite sunset spot near Bangkok – Koh Larn island!

We first visited Ko Larn a few years ago when we urgently needed a holiday without much time in advance to prepare. We stayed at Xanadu Beach Resort on Samae beach. Our favorite feature was that this small resort is the only hotel on the entire beach.

Oh yeah, we even have a selfie from exactly this beach. It was literally our first island trip together! It’s also one of our first posts on @deeristravelling’s Instagram. Anyway, let’s continue!

Koh Larn is a half-hour boat ride from Pattaya. We usually drive to Pattaya from Bangkok, leave the car in a paid parking lot next to the pier (200 Baht/per day), and then catch a boat (30 Baht/per person) to the island at the pier.

During the high season, this beach is full of people, but they all return to Pattaya by boat, leaving the entire beach to you! We also love coming here for seafood – there are many local restaurants nearby.

With the new normal, Samae beach was left without tourists, now lazy dogs roam here, and in general, it has become very calm. They even removed the pier and now boats from Pattaya do not stop at Samae beach. Guess, you can only get here by motorcycle from the pier or hotel. We came here to chill with our rented bike.

There is also a second beach on this island – Tien Beach, Koh Lan, Pattaya, from which you can watch the sunsets very beautifully and calmly – we even have a video! But it is not very convenient to swim on this beach because of the rocky bottom, but in general, there is a lot of places for a picnic or just a lazy party with an incredible view.

You can pin both beaches on Google Map below

📍 Samae Beach, Koh Lan, Pattaya
📍 Tien Beach, Koh Lan, Pattaya

Here is our live video from Tien Beach during our last trip to Koh Larn. It was an absolutely stunning sky that evening. Check it out yourself!

And here is our photo from picnic at Tien Beach, Koh Larn. Isn’t it cutest spot for two sunset lovers?

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