7 Easy Ideas To Stay Sane And Positive During Lockdown

Our dreams did not come true, and a lot of people around the world meet 2021 in another lockdown. We don’t want to pretend to be experts and advise on how to stay positive, but we decided to put together tips that always help us stay in a sane mind. There is nothing breakthrough on this list, but we often forget about one thing, then the second, and as a result, worries and anxiety return to our lives and making us doubt the present moment.

Sounds familiar?

Then you may be interested in our 7 simple tips that, although easy to follow, are very helpful to look at this world and the future positively. Let’s see which of these tips are right for you. You are ready?

1) Safely spend time outdoors

Don’t forget about the fresh air. This will probably be the most ordinary piece of advice, but we would like to remind you that even if you do not have the opportunity to walk outside, use at least the balcony more often. Staying outdoors strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, increases concentration, increases the level of vitamin D. And by the way, Vitamin D is a mood booster!

2) Start the project you always wanted

If you use Twitter, then you probably saw tweets at the end of 2020 where new entrepreneurs were sharing how they started a new business during the pandemic. Many of them built a successful model that helps them earn hundreds of thousands of dollars since then. What separates us from them is that they STARTED to take small steps while we were wondering if it is even worth it to start. Don’t doubt yourself! New Year’s Eve and another lockdown is the perfect start for a project you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Remember that success is not an instant event. Slowly but surely continue what you started.

3) Learn to meditate

Last year was strange at best, but our personal achievement has been to bring meditation back into our weekly routine. If you are already meditating, we are proud of you! And if you still just want to try or find one that suits you, here are some recommendations: check out the new project Netflix’s Headspace Guide to Meditation. The author not only talks about the benefits and history of meditation but at the end of each episode teaches one of the meditation techniques with easy to follow the practice. The second tip would be to download app Calm. Don’t forget, premium version of this app is free for teachers and students. And finally, one of the simplest, but very good YouTube videos, which is prefect for beginners or those who have only 5 minutes of free time. There few other meditation videos on this channel worth checking!

4) Back to sports routine

Meditation is a sport for the brain, but this does not mean that you should forget about regular exercises. Sport is always hard to start, but it’s even harder to keep going. We’re not athletic guys, but a few times a week we choose an easy-to-follow YouTube video and just try our best to repeat it all as best we can.

We will give two of the simplest recommendations that each of you probably knows about. For home yoga classes, you can choose one from thousands of videos on the Yoga With Adriene channel. For those who love fitness, HIIT, or exercise with dumbbells, we would recommend MadFit. Both channels have plenty of video for any level and any body part you want to focus on!

5) Plan your future travel adventures

Even though very few people travel at the moment, airlines and hotels offer many deals with flexible dates. And even if you don’t feel comfortable buying tickets or book a hotel yet, just start planning your trip that may not even happen. You may ask what for? Planning the trips provides almost as many endorphins to the brain as travel itself. For us, it works as anything travel-related always cheers us up.

6) Find new favorite book, series or movie

Another simple tip that everyone probably tries from time to time, but we still advise you to find a new favorite book, series, or film. Time to be more open-minded and get out of your regular genres!

7) Video call loved ones

We conclude our list with the banalest advice – communicate with your loved ones more often! It so happened that in 2020, Aon had a nephew in Australia, whom we have not yet been able to see live, but we often video call his sister to talk with this little pumpkin. Thanks to technology, we can stay close to our favorite people.

Was this blog helpful to you? What are your tips? Let us know in the comments! Stay safe and have a good day.

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