Islands Hopping And Snorkeling Tour Around Koh Lipe, Thailand

Ko Lipe is part of the Tarutao Marine National Park, which in 1974 was named the second largest National Park in Thailand. However, it does not legally belong to the National Park, and there is no entrance fee for access to the park.

The main thing why tourists go here is a calm beach vacation. Also, Koh Lipe is often visited to explore underwater life, both with diving and snorkeling. Equipment can be found here for rent everywhere. There are many more small islands around which you can go for snorkeling or diving. And today we are talking to one of these adventures!

On Lipa itself, a few full-day excursion tours are offered to the uninhabited islands, including lunch and snorkeling equipment. As well as a variety of half-day tours.

Island hopping around Koh Lipe is often taking to explore underwater life, both with diving and snorkeling. Equipment is usually included in the price of the tour. There are many more small islands around which you can go for snorkeling or diving. However, some of the places we couldn’t go since the weather was stormy from time to time. It also was raining a lot but overall it made the whole trip even more remarkable.

1. Koh Adang

We managed to sail to the islands on the very day when the wind picked up. In the open stormy sea, the feelings, of course, are indescribable.

Our first stop on Koh Adang was supposed to be for snorkeling but because of strong waves, the sea wasn’t clear and fish were hiding. Instead, we explore the shore with giant beautiful stones.

2. Koh Kata

On our second spot, Koh Kata, we finally found calmly shore where we could do some snorkeling. It was amazing to see a rich underwater sea world! As you can see, there are many types of tropical fish here. Our guide said it wasn’t even the best spot for snorkeling but because of the strong waves this day, we couldn’t explore other areas.

3. Koh Ra Wi

At our final spot, the island Koh Ra Wi, we had lunch that was provided. There is also a small shop on the beach where you can buy some drinks and snacks as well as some local dishes (spicy papaya salad, fried rice, omelet, Mama noodle, etc).

After our lunch, we enjoyed swimming and just wandering around for a few hours.

At some point, the whole island became dark and heavy rain started. We were hiding under the table and in end finish up swimming since we were all wet anyway.

The weather was changing all the time. And from what we’ve read from the Internet, it happens all the time during island-hopping around Koh Lipe, so be prepared!

Below you can see hard rain that started just when we arrived back to Koh Lipe! It was quite an adventure and we wish to explore more islands next time with more sun. However, we glad it was these unique adventurous stormy vibes all the way this time. It is something that won’t happen to you often.

In our case, at first, we have to start the tour two our later since it was rainy. Then we couldn’t do snorkeling during our first stop since there were too big waves. Finally, an island that has only black stones without any sand was canceled as well because of high waves.

However, there were many moments we loved as nature around is just on another level! We also have managed to find a place for snorkeling and overall heavy rain started just in time we back to Koh Lipe. It was so much fun!

What do you guys think about our island-hopping around Koh Lipe?

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