Street Art In Bangkok: Exploring Trendy Talad Noi

Bangkok has a huge collection of less known sightseeing attractions you may never have heard about. This time we decided to explore street art in Bangkok! We remembered a new favorite place for local youth and decided to explore with you the area called Talad Noi.

Talad Noi is located in the old downtown part of Bangkok. Originally it was the home of overseas Chinese and Chinese-Thai people with a very busy famous market (“Talad” means market in the Thai language). The owner of this land had a daughter named “Noi”, so the area got the name from them.

At first, the Talad Noi area was a home base for the Portuguese population, then followed by the Chinese, the Vietnamese, and the Khmer settlers. Nowadays, it is a home for people as well as small independent shops.

Talat Noi became one of the most popular tourist attractions for both locals and tourists last two years. It didn’t surprise us as you almost feel like you were traveling back in time to feel vintage Bangkok.

You can as well explore the nice Chinese temple and enjoy the sunset with the view over the Chao Phraya River.

There is also an unusual spot called Chiang Kong selling old car parts. Some shops placed old car details above the head is tourist which made them look like tall iron ruins. Just a perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos! It is another signature part of this photo genetic village.

We loved to see many local-inspired paintings on the walls of the house and nailed the alleyways. Who would have thought that the Talad Noi area with an old Chinese community would become a chic and vintage-style tourist attraction?

Talad Noi is a perfect spot to experience the lifestyle of local people, eat delicious local snacks and dishes, enjoy street art, and take tons of photos. Sounds good? Would you like to visit during your next Bangkok visit?

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