Cyberpunk in Bangkok: Taking Photo With Tall Old Car Ruins at Chiang Kong, Talat Noi

Can a cyberpunk world exist in 5 or so years? Or are we living in a cyberpunk future?

The place in this photo has nothing touristic or futuristic even it looks so. Basically, the place wasn’t supposed to be a popular photo spot as it’s just outside of a local shop that sells old car parts. They placed them above the head of tourists which made them look like tall iron ruins. This unusual spot is called Chiang Kong and is located nearby Talat Noi, a famous street art area in the old part of Bangkok.

As you may know, Bangkok has a huge collection of less known sightseeing attractions you may never have heard about. Chiang Kong became a must-have photo backdrop among local Instagrammers and part of Talat Noi itinerary.

It looks very different from our regular photos but we love how unusual is this spot! Funny enough, we don’t own the motorbike we took the photo on but we just used it as a probe for pic. It’s a very Thai style and usually, it won’t cause you trouble if you are careful with a motorbike.

What do you think about the old car parts backdrop? Isn’t this place super cool?

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Cyberpunk 2077 Bkk version

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