Exploring Vintage & Cozy Chamcha Market in Chiang Mai

Chamcha Market, San Kamphaeng, is a cozy weekend market with a relaxing atmosphere under the trees. People come here to shop for handmade & vintage items, eat local food, get a coffee and just wander around for a few hours.

Local sellers with lots of different products come here every weekend. All of the people are patient and friendly. Chamcha Market, even though is a bit far from Chiang Mai city, is a real hidden gem for foreign tourists.

The atmosphere of the Cham Cha market is chilling. Visitors walk the market with soft local folk music, which makes it more exciting to shop around. People sell lots of handmade, including cotton clothes from tie-dyed fabrics, jewelry made of silver, and colored stones, as well as home antiques, crafts, and even plants. 

Chamcha Market in San Kamphaeng is very well known, so it can get crowded during the weekend. The neighborhood houses usually run the business during the weekend as well. You can visit wooden houses and shop for local souvenirs, handmade clothes, home decorations, collectibles, antiques, film cameras, vintage bicycles, plants, jewelry, and more! 

If hungry, there is food for you to buy and eat. There is food from northeastern food to burgers, pizza, and herbal juices, both organic and safe. You can also try coffee shops, beverages, bakeries, popsicles, and different local snacks.

The idea of going to a coffee hopping and shopping around for cute handmade products sounds perfect. If you are traveling to Chiang Mai during the weekend, you must not miss one of the cutest markets – Chamcha Market. 

Information about Cham Cha Market, Chiang Mai

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