Enjoying Colorful Food at Meena Rice-Based Cuisine, Chiang Mai

We just recently stopped by Meena Rice Based Cuisine restaurant tucked away near the colorful Chamcha market, and it is truly amazing. The flavors, the ambiance, everything felt very authentic.

Meena Rice-Based Cuisine is one of the travel bloggers’ favorite restaurants in the Chiang Mai area. People love this cute place for their unique dishes, inspired by the vibrant culture of Northern Thailand. From traditional curries to new fusion and lots of vegan-friendly options, Meena Rice Based Cuisine is a must-visit for any food lovers out there.

The food was amazing and presented beautifully – not to mention the reasonable price for the quantity. We all thoroughly enjoyed their signature multi-layered triangles made out of five different rice types: riceberry, jasmine rice, brown rice, Anchan, and safflower rice. It always feels special when food is not only healthy and delicious but also vibrant with a mix of colors.

The atmosphere at this restaurant is remarkable; conducive to relaxation, with friendly and accommodating service staff. From delicious traditional Thai food to healthier recipes and colorful rice dishes are a great way to brighten up any day. Plus, the setting allows you to enjoy some clean and fresh air in nature – a bit hidden, yet still perfect!

With a range of exquisite and authentic flavors Meena Rice Based Cuisine can feel like a real culinary destination. Highly recommend this place for a casual yet special foodie experience – you won’t be disappointed!

Information about Cham Cha Market, Chiang Mai

Address: Ban Mon, San Klang Subdistrict, San Kamphaeng District Chiang Mai Province
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Gp2jcaMKddGVgiuQ9
Hours: 10 AM–5 PM
Link: Facebook Page

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