Everything You Wanted To Know About 80-Meter High Skywalk Chiang Khan in Loei Province, Thailand

How to Visit the Skywalk Chiang Khan in Loei Province, Thailand.

Skywalk Chiang Khan — a new tourist landmark in Chiang Khan, Loei Province. The skywalk rises about 80 meters above the Mekong River level, which is equivalent to a 30-story building. The walkway is made of long transparent glass. Skywalk Chiang Khan is about 100 meters, with a total of 3 circular stops, each offering a different panoramic view of the scenery. Tourists can also enjoy the view of two rivers (the Mekong River and the Huang River) along the Thai-Laos coast.

Many Thai people have posted beautiful pictures on social media with a new signature landmark in Loei Province. However, the Skywalk Chiang Khan is not very popular among foreign tourists since in located in Loei Province. It is a bit complicated to get here without speaking at least some Thai language. However, many hotels could organize a trip to Skywalk Chiang Khan. Alternatively, you can rent a car to drive here using GPS.

Skywalk Chiang Khan (also called Skywalk Phu Khong Ngeo sometimes) is located at Tambon Pak Tom, Amphoe Chiang Khan, Loei Province. The construction is more than 80 meters above the Mekong River level and is equivalent to a 30-story building. Skywalk Chiang Khan is made of glass that is more than 100 meters long and 2 meters wide. The whole panoramic surrounding is beautiful from the construction. We were amazed by seeing Thailand and Laos at the same time while standing in the middle of the high mountains. Absolutely epic!

You can see Big Buddha Phu Khong Ngew, a statue with a height of over 19 meters, on the hill as well. This Buddha image is considered another symbol of this new landmark.

To complete Skywalk Chiang Khan, the province has received a budget of 28,6 million baht. Skywalk has been specially designed to have security, tightness, and high security to become a new attraction in Loei Province. The construction was officially open on December 1, 2020.

To be honest, when we were walking around Skywalk Chiang Khan, we felt excited and terrified at the same time. However, if you ever decide to wander around Loei province, we would definitely recommend you to come and see it yourself!

Tips 💡

  • If you come by car, you must be parked at the foot of the mountain (there is no parking above). Then use the shuttle service – 20 baht/person.
  • Before entering the Skywalk, you have to pay for a shoe cover (30 baht).
  • You should follow the rules. Obviously, do not knock or scratch the glass surface.
  • During the rainy season or when the glass surface is wet, be extra careful when walking.

More About Skywalk Chiang Khan

📍 Location: https://goo.gl/maps/aBVJ1BRB1G1bHvbSA
🏠 Address: Pak Tom, Chiang Khan District, Loei 42110
🕒 Hours: 7:00AM- 6:00PM
💲 Admission: must pay for a car up and down at 20 baht/person and have to buy shoe cover for accessing the Skywalk (30 baht/pair).

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