Unusual temple on the sea: Wat Hong Thong

What do you enjoy most about road trips?

Once we were driving home from the islands when Aon said: “There is a very unusual temple not far from this route. My grandmother’s ashes store there. Let’s stop by and see”.

Wat Hong Thong, also known as Wat Klang Nam, located on the coast road between Bangkok and Chon Buri City. The main feature of this temple is that it was built on the sea!

We arrived at the temple after passing a fish farming area and the temple itself juts out into the ocean from the surrounding mangroves. There are a few temples within the complex that placed on a platform on poles in the sea. We immediately went up and saw this outstanding golden chedi. Even after visiting hundreds of temples, there are still some that can surprise us! We have never seen any stupa with the sea view before. There are many walkways on the pier, too. Absolutely unique temple.

There are not many tourists around and we haven’t’ seen any westerners. It is pretty quiet and relaxing, so you can come here to meditate or read a book. It has thousands of small bells hanging outside making a nice sound in the breeze. There are also a few spots to get a snack or coffee.

We had a nice relaxing time here without even expecting much. Would you like to visit this temple as well?

📍 Location: https://goo.gl/maps/mGvCnKjGVGuFZzRb9
🏠 Address: Song Khlong, Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao
🕒 Hours: 6AM-6PM

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