Making Unique Craft Chocolate at Siamaya Chocolate (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

If you are looking for something special to do while you are in Chiang Mai, why not pay a visit to Siamaya Chocolate? Siamaya Chocolate offers a unique experience – with the ultimate goal of creating your very own personalized chocolate bars! Plus, you get to watch the chocolatiers at work as they turn raw cocoa beans into delicious bars of flavors that you’ll never forget.

We spent an amazing afternoon exploring the Siamaya chocolate factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We got to learn all about the process of how they make chocolate, as well as how to craft our very own chocolate bars. From melting and turning into all sorts of different shapes to lots of decorated and flavored cups – the possibilities were endless!

Witnessing its creation from start to finish was invigorating as we added our unique touches that gave it its delicious flavor and look. By the way, we were pleasantly surprised to discover Thailand has its own cocoa beans! The small-scale farmers are growing these special cocoa beans and providing them to chocolatiers, who then use the cocoa beans to create delicious chocolate treats with many different flavors: from traditional flavors to more exotic ones like Durian Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Mango & Chili and Khao Soi Northen Curry Milk Chocolate.

Making our craft-handed chocolates has been an amazing experience – one that we never even knew we wanted to try! From grinding the cocoa beans to tempering and molds making, there are lots of different steps to the process. And each step is an opportunity to explore the uniqueness of chocolate and let our creativity shine.

We felt lucky to get a chance to observe and take part in the making of high-quality craft chocolate here at Siamaya – it was definitely a great experience and a fascinating insight into the chocolate-making process. This experience was a reminder of how important it is to step outside the box and try something new once in a while.

Information about Siamaya Chocolate

Address: 12/8 Wua Lai Rd Soi 3, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50100
Location on Google Map
Hours: 10 AM–7 PM
Phone: 0979212333
Link: Facebook Page

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