The Eiffel Tower in Macau (The Parisian hotel)

Are we near the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

April fools! Actually, we were in the Las Vegas of Asia – Macau! Located in the Hotel Parisian, the Eiffel Tower, a replica of the original one, is a nice place to visit. The Parisian is one of the places to visit when travelling to Macau and it’s actually crazy place to visit.

Oh and this replica is half as big as the Eiffel Tower in Paris but there a few things that original don’t have. Like, for example, you can go ice skating on the tower during December and January when they have the ice skating rink set up. You can also visit the Eiffel Tower for 10$ to have a 360° view of Macau.

Isn’t it an interesting place? Have you visit any replicas?

You can find “The Eiffel Tower” on Google Map Below

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