The Verona at Tub Lan (hotel review)

The Verona at Tub Lan is a small replica of the Italian city Verona in the province of Prachinburi. You will be left surprised when you noticed how amusement replica is made. And after learning this detail we decided to take a look around the Verona at Tub Lan to see Italy inspired resort inside Thailand. This place is located two hours’ drive from Bangkok which makes it perfect destination to runaway from the city life.

Little Italy inside Thailand

We found that Verona is a really romantic and fun place to visit especially for a weekend. And as a couple, it was ideal for us to go. We wished to explore Koh Yai on our stay there and decided to stay at this hotel. As we were greeted nicely by the staff, we notice that the lodging facility is quite modern and is equipped with all the latest amenities. We took the camera took a lot of pictures here to capture all the stupendous architecture. Below you can see us outside of our room.

We felt like we had been transferred to the budget version of Italy. Not everything was quite spot on but the atmosphere was fine. We could look at the beautiful buildings all evening and not tired of it. Plus there is a cowboy-themed park, which is such a random idea. Italy and cowboys? Welcome to Thailand!

As we first-hand experienced all the buildings, we began to admire the coziness of the area. We were also told that you can book the front areas for any private occasions too. It really was one of the really underrated places to make romantic gestures. It was quite astonishing how well maintained the buildings were. We loved our two-level room! Very clean, a lot of space and nice shower. Bonus: many spots for your Instagram!

The breakfast was delicious, aromatic and tantalizing. As we took off to explore the place some more, we came across a mini market that sold important items and souvenirs. There were also many restaurants in there that offered some really scrumptious food. And if our bellies hadn’t been so full, we surely would have ordered something else too. The staff explained that on certain special occasions there are concerts and performances.

The thing about Verona at Tub Lan is that it catches the eye the first time. The architectural buildings are a sight for sore eyes. It did look like one had come to Italy in the middle of Thailand. Somehow there are many Italian inspired hotels and shopping malls in Thailand.

We felt totally relaxed in our cool room. The hotel itself was very calming as space is widespread and spacious.

Become a Cowboy

When we went out, we explored the short-themed park called “Cowboy” that is set in western cowboy era with saloons and American Indian huts in the area nearby. You can also find horses in the stables or you could just take bicycles to explore the whole place. There are guest rooms in there that offer an adventurous stay for people who love country theme. There were a lot of shops, no all functional but they provide souvenirs and necessities and some restaurants to dine in which made it an enjoyable experience.

Every place has its own charm and this one just attracts people who love and enjoy taking photos. There are a lot of good places to make travel diaries but that is it. It is more about exploration and good photography. People who are adventurous may be bored. But there are reasonable options to enjoy the delicious cuisine and yummy Thai food. You can also enjoy buffet dinners there as well.

Overall, it is a really nice experience for family bonding or a romantic getaway. If you cannot afford to go to Verona in Italy then it is the ideal place to visit. It doesn’t just offer you a charming experience but a bit of adventurous too.

There is a peaceful atmosphere that just makes one mull over all the blessing they have. We really enjoyed our trip here. It is most advised to come to visit in November and December to have a more wholesome experience.

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