Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Who likes to go to museums while traveling? We love it a lot! We especially try to visit the museums of modern art. This time we decided to return to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Last time, this museum left a lasting impression due to its minimalistic greyish-white architecture as well as excellent exhibitions. Three years ago, when we first visited the museum, the bar was up. This time it was even more fun!

Please remember before you go, some exhibition rooms forbid to use a camera or a tripod. Just follow signs or ask the museum keepers, in case you are not sure.

Important information

📍 Location:
🎟️ Tickets: TWD 30 (only $1 US!) for adults and TWD 15 for discount ticket
🏠 Address: No. 181號, Section 3, Zhongshan N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10461
🕒 Hours: 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM
☎️ Phone: +886 2 2595 7656
❌ Museum is closed on Mondays

Audio-Visual Rooms

The museum always hosts amazing interactive exhibitions. This time it didn’t let us down either! The first thing we saw when we entered the first audio-visual room was a giant spotlight that shone on a white circle as part of the Ryoji Ikeda Solo Exhibition. This unusual installation had a lot of attention, so you need to wait to take a photo with it. We had to wait a few minutes for our turn. After, we went to the second room, in which there was no lighting, except for an experimental video on the entire wall with the sounds of space. We sat for 5 minutes and watched quite a few installations by host artist Ryoji Ikeda. We later read that he created each piece using computer software coding and algorithms. It left a very unusual feeling, but we liked it a lot. After visiting a few other interactive rooms, we continued to explore Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

Art collection

Established in 1983, TFAM became the very first public museum in Taiwan. While it is a perfect place to take some vibrant or minimalist photos, Taipei Fine Arts Museum is mostly famous for the largest contemporary art collection between all museums in Asia!

By the way, there is no need to understand art to spend a good time here. We are not art experts and come to wander around and take pictures. All in all, have a good time!

Use of a camera and a tripod

Not all parts of the museum are allowed to take photographs. There was a historical exhibition that showed famous paintings of some ASEAN artists and it was forbidden to photograph even without a flash. We went through all the halls and then headed to another part of the museum, in which the camera was not forbidden.

Vibrant walls

We liked how the museum staff helped us take a photo of us as it was forbidden to use a tripod. Some walls of the exhibition halls have beautiful vibrant colors. The best part that art around inspired you experimenting with angles, colors, and light. It’s hardly impossible to leave the museum without an Instagram worthy photo.

Architecture of the museum

We adore the architecture of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The greyish-white building was designed by Taiwanese architect E. P. Kao. His work of art is one of the reasons to come to visit the Taipei Fine Art Museum.

You have the opportunity to take pictures outside the exhibition halls with your tripod and a camera. There was no one around when we took the photos below, so it was fun!

The money-saving hack

The admission fee is TWD 30 (only $1 US!) for adults and TWD 15 for discount tickets. In case someone needs this information. We paid for our tickets because the price is low and fair. However, a local friend told us about free admission from 17:00 daily, just 30 minutes before the museum’s closing hours. It won’t be enough to explore the exhibitions, so we recommend you come on Saturdays because the museum is open with extended hours till 20:30.

We had an amazing time!

Taipei Fine Arts Museum is easily one of our favorite museums of contemporary art in the world. In total, we wandered around the museum for several hours. What a calm and photogenic place, too! We will be back again!

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ค่าเข้า 30NTD / คน เข้าฟรีหลัง 17:30 แต่ก็จะมีเวลาอยู่แค่ 30 นาทีคร้าบ!

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