Thai Tourists And Real SuperTrees in Fort Canning Park (Singapore)

Since last week many countries made it easier to walks in the parks, have you visited any park recently?

In 2019, we went to this amazing Fort Canning Park in Singapore to look for one very popular spot Thai bloggers often post. After walking around for some time and asking for directions, we found it!

It was shocking to see A LOT of Thai tourists line-up to take a photo at this place. But it wasn’t too bad in the end and we were waiting for around 15 minutes to take a shot.

We were done in less than 2 minutes but forgot to check the result. After we already left the spot, it turned out our camera slid from a tripod and we didn’t get a frame we planned. Anyway, since there won’t be much luck with traveling for some time, it’s time to refresh memories!

Fort Canning Park offers a variety of recreational activities as well as historical, educational, entertainment, and cultural experiences. They often use this place for social events and sports activities, when we passed by, we saw free fitness class just on the street.

This may look like an Instagram spot, but in fact, it is an entrance to sally port on Fort Canning Hill. There are three of sally ports there, each leads to or out of a fort. Those ports were used by occupants to escape from the fort undetected.

We were also impressed with the amazing giant trees! We all know about solar-powered supertrees at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, but no one said to us there are real SUPER trees in Singapore. To

To walk through the real tropical heaven in the middle of megapolis was a real jaw-dropping experience! We hope to be back one day.

Do you enjoy the parks? Which one is your all-time favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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