Eco Cycle Tour: Durian Garden, Mountain Views & Herbal Souvenir Workshop (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand)

Eco-tourism is a very fast-growing industry in Thailand. And even if you are not particularly interested in agriculture, we still recommend trying this highly unusual cycling adventure through the local community. Out of the blue, we had a lot of fun exploring the local orchard, the beautiful ancient temple, the last rice field in the region, and even tried making a local souvenir. But first things first!

Living in Bangkok we are constantly trying to figure out where to go to get some fresh air. And even though Thailand is full of incredible natural sites, we love to combine forest adventures under the shade of trees with outdoor activities and local sightseeing. We invite you to refresh your lungs with fresh air and go on a journey to explore the local community Ban Tha Ma Prang and Ban Khlong Phel.

Our program included several unique locations, but depending on the season and your availability, this program can vary from 2 hours to two days. You can contact phone numbers 064 610 2754, 097 229 1323, or 096 545 1531 for more information. Our route had the following:

  • cycle to the old temple
  • cycle to the last rice filed of the region with the view of the famous Elephant mountain
  • cycle the mountain path to organic fruits garden
  • fresh durian and guava testing from the seasonal garden
  • make eco-souvenir from natural herbs and flowers

You will navigate around the community by bicycle, to make the whole experience environmentally friendly.

Ban Tha Ma Prang and Ban Klong Phel communities are located adjacent to Khao Yai National Park in Mu Si Sub-district, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. It is a hybrid community where people with different races, cultures, and backgrounds coexist.

People in the community still live in peace with nature, support each other, and take care of trees and wildlife. Most of the villagers work in tourism, such as restaurants, or work on accommodation. But still, some work in agricultural and cultural sites, hidden among popular hotels in the area.

Upon arrival, we were offered cool water and herbal tea from Butterfly Pea flowers. Then we were asked to choose bicycles and follow the leader.

Our first stop was an ancient temple named Wat Ta Ma Prang. We were allowed to go inside and inspect the territory around. We examined everything around in 20 minutes and moved on.

The next bus stop was very close. From it, we got a stunning view of the rice field and the mountain that looks like an elephant. We were told that this is the last rice field in Nakhon Ratchasima province as they decided to focus on growing other food. After enjoying the stunning view to our fullest, we moved on.

About 10 minutes of cycling along the mountains brought us at an orchard. We were shown how organic fruits and vegetables are grown. Our excursionists were two cute dogs and several happy kids who came to hang out with the tourists.

After the inspection, we were invited to a table to try the local durian and guava. The fruits were very fresh, sweet, and juicy. We were told that wild elephants often descend from the mountains to eat fruits and corn. When we asked what they were doing with the elephants, we were told: “What can you do with a huge elephant? Just waiting for it to finish and leave our gardens.” We liked that the animals were given this opportunity to snack.

After our hearty fruity treat, we headed back to the base where our adventure began. Upon arrival, we joined a local master class on how to make a fresh-smelling souvenir, which is almost entirely made from local natural materials. After half an hour, our souvenir was ready!

We were extremely pleased with the time spent! Not to say that we often choose such routes for our travels, but perhaps that is why each such adventure gives us a storm of new impressions! We think that if you want to experience the spirit of old rural Thailand without harm to the environment, this tour will be loved by anyone!

📍 Location: Pin on Google Maps
🏠 Address: Moo 3 , Baan Ta Ma Prang, Moo-si, Pakchong, Nokorn
🕒 Hours: 09.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00
☎️ Phone: 064 610 2754 (Khun Bee) Book in advance

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