2 Year Blogging Anniversary: Why And How Did We Start Deer Is Travelling!

With everything going on in the world at the moment we absolutely forgot about our insta anniversary. Our Instagram account @deeristravelling turned 2 years a few weeks ago. It feels like it was much longer because we managed to travel to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos, Macau, Taiwan as well as explore 25 provinces of Thailand!

If you don’t know our story yet, Aon and I have met around 4 years ago. And during our first year and a half together we rediscovered our passion to travel the world. We both always were travelers but an adult life made us forget about the joy that trips can give. In the end, we just questioned what can we do together as a couple and the answer came out very clear – travel.

For our first big trip together we went to Japan for two weeks to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. And I asked Aon: “We spend so much money on this trip, should we do at least a couplegram out of it?” And we actually did! A friend of ours later said to us he would like to pay for our domain name and hosting for the first year just to motivate us to start a travel blog. A travel blog?

At first, we never thought we can actually call ourselves travel bloggers or something like that but later we submitted our blog wannabe deeristravelling.com to the award from TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and we won (among a few other incredible people!) title The Blogger Thailand 2019. This gave us a bit of confidence to actually keep it going till now! For the last two years we made our blog posts very randomly: sometimes two posts per week, sometimes a few paragraphs in two months but we didn’t quit which surprised us a lot till now.

But as we previously mentioned, the biggest luck for us to make new friends. We are so thankful to have all these amazing people around us! Nationality, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or religion means nothing to our friendship, let’s keep it this way!

Love you,

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