9 Honest Dating AdviceS

What was the best dating advice you ever got?

We were asked many times how to find and be happy in a relationship. But we are far from ideal, so we don’t think you should listen to us – we are still learning even after four years together. Let’s not forget that Instagram is focusing on highlights and very far away from reality.

Today we want to share with you a cool list, which we ourselves consider an excellent guide to build a good relationship with our other half. The best part is that these 9 tips will work for anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Don’t forget to save, so you can actually follow them.

9 Honest Dating AdviceS

  1. Worry less about if they like you, and more about if you even like them.
  2. Rejection is not as personal as it feels. Liking someone or being liked is more about compatibility than inherent worth.
  3. Stop being shocked by repeated behavior. For example, if someone has continuously shown you they aren’t a good texter, stop expecting them to be. Notice patterns and believe them.
  4. Stop choosing what isn’t choosing you. If it’s not mutual, why pursue it?
  5. You don’t need to be perfect to be loved. “Perfection” isn’t relatable. You can’t connect to it. We all have flaws and vulnerabilities, and being able to own them is one of the most attractive things we can do. The right person will embrace the things you once felt you had to hide.
  6. Ask yourself: Would you be friends with this person if you weren’t physically attracted to them? Be honest.
  7. Get clear on what you want to give in a relationship, not just what you want to receive. What unique value do you bring to a partnership?
  8. Your love life is one area of your life. Don’t forget to nurture the rest. Significant other aside, when you visualize coming home to a life you love, what does that look like? Get specific.
  9. Know what you want from a potential partner. What are your non-negotiables? What are you flexible on? Then communicate your needs, don’t just think about them.

Was there any good advice? Have anything to add? Share with us in the comments!

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