Visiting Stunning Thung Bua Tong Flower Fields in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Have you been to Thailand? What do you remember the most from your trip? And if you haven’t been, where would you like to go?

Even we saw hundreds of places, we still keep exploring new destinations, and every time there is something that surprised us. This time we are having a flashback to this place called Thung Bua Tong Flower Fields. This giant wild sunflowers field is famous all over Thailand. The Doi Mae U-Kor mountain peak is considered the largest and the most beautiful spot to enjoy this bright yellow Bua Tong hills.

The name of this flower is Bua Tong and basically those are wild species of sunflower. Between November to December, the entire province blooms with millions of blooming Mexican sunflowers.

Bua Tong festival is held in the province, which is very popular among both – Thai and foreign tourists. There are many thousands of admirers of the golden slopes of Mae Hong Son during its peak period. We stayed in a traffic jam for more than 30 minutes to just be able to park our minibus.

By the way, as part of the celebration, residents annually hold various entertainment events, whether it be a fair of seasonal goodies or music concerts. This time is most favorable for traveling around the province, but do not forget to stock up on warm clothes, the temperature here can drop to +14°С!

You may need a little bit of determination to travel to Doi Mae Ukor (Doi literally means “top of the hills”) located in Mae Hong Son province. However, we can guarantee that it is well worth the effort, as there you can admire the charm of the Buatong flower fields. For us, it was one of the most beautiful landscape view ever.

📍 Location:
🏠 Address: 1 Mae U Kho, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son 58140

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