Our Eco-Friendly Stay at Fern Rim Than Resort, Mae Hong Son, Thailand (Hotel Review)

Have you ever stayed in eco-hotel or eco-resorts?

We had an opportunity to stay at Fern Rim Than Resort and ready to share with you how it was. This eco-resort is located around 9 kilometers from Mae Hong Son town. Mae Hong Son province is absolutely stunning because of the incredible mountainscape views and beautiful nature. This is why eco-tourism became incredibly popular in this area.

When walking in Fern Rim Than Resort, you will be already amazed by the freshest air. There are unbelievably many different types of plants around as well, which makes you feel calm immediately.

The staff takes very good care of everyone. We were welcomed with iced herbal tea without any sugar, which was nice since most of that hotel makes their drinks way too sweet.

After refreshing, we checked into our room. We choose to book a single bungalow beside a rice field but during our visit, it was a rice field break. However, the view was still stunning!

All paths to your room are surrounded by shady trees with the sound of water from a small waterfall along the way. Anyone who loves nature will be impressed and relaxed.

There are complete facilities inside the room, but there is no TV because the concept of this resort is to achieve the deepest relaxation. The resort doesn’t use any plastic which was so awesome!

The rooms are clean and designed to be in harmony with nature. The bathroom and dressing room separated. There is a balcony to sit and enjoy the view. Since we almost always have hot weather, we enjoyed our cool breeze a lot.

The breakfast area is separated into two zones: open-air and indoor. The food selection wasn’t too impressive but everything was eco-friendly, organic, and delicious.

There are also facilities such as two swimming pools, a coffee shop, as well as an activity area for a workshop.

Many cute dogs are living on the territory of the hotel. It was so lovely to hang out with them! All of them were good bois and behaved well.

We also liked how dark it was at night! We use this opportunity to practice our photo skills.

Fern Rim Than Resort was full of surprises and we enjoyed ourselves! When we checked out we saw some photos of Angelina Jolie in this hotel on dest at the reception. She stayed in Fern Rim Than Resort four times (once with Brad Pitt). So we would definitely recommend coming to have deep relaxation and enjoy nature fully!

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