7 Most Instagrammable Spots in Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam

Hoi An is a city located in the Quảng Nam Province of Vietnam. Once a major port, it boasts the grand architecture and beguiling riverside setting that befits its heritage, and the 21st-century curses of traffic and pollution are almost absent here.

Lounge bars, boutique hotels, travel agents, and a glut of tailor shops are very much part of the scene. You’ll find some superb bicycle, motorbike, and boat trips – and some of central Vietnam’s most enticingly laid-back scenery is within easy reach. Today, we will list down a few reasons that make the yellow city (Hoi An) a must-visit for all of our friends.

1) Signature Yellow Walls of Hoi An

Yellow symbolizes royalty and superiority in Korea, China, and France. Each of these countries has left a tremendous impact on Vietnam. Yellow is a highly-revered color in Vietnamese culture and signifies wealth, prosperity, royalty, happiness, and change. It feels incredible to walk through the entire yellow city, like a sunny fairytale.

2) Temples of Old Town Hoi An

There are several temples and sights across the old town often located between merchant houses, the pink gate of Fukian Assembly Hall, the Phuoc Lam Pagoda, and Chuc Thanh Pagoda to name a few. Chinese temples date back to around the 18th century or maybe even more and were once used as Assembly Halls by the Chinese government. Among several temples of the town, the most famous one is that of Miếu Thời Khổng Tử (Confucius Temple) but unfortunately, you cannot step into the temple but admire its beauty from afar through the fences.

3) Hoi An Vibes Only sign

Some signs or art pieces get stuck in our heads even after we return from a place/town. A similar case was with the sign that read “Hoi An Vibes Only”. Written with white on the back of the “Sunday in Hoi An” store which sells all kinds of home accessories and nick-nacks. It made us think about the optimism and simplicity that we lack as millennials. The sign has cactuses as its frame and we think that it can prove to be a good addition to your Instagram.

4) Japanese Covered Bridge

Dating back to the 16th century, the most famous attraction of Vietnam is the “Japanese Covered Bridge”. The bridge is about 60 feet in length and colorfully painted in red with a wooden pagoda roof. It is claimed that it was created by the Japanese then living in Hoi An as a way to reach the Chinese quarter across the water. On the north side of the bridge, you’ll discover a temple dedicated to the Taoist God of weather, Tran Vo Bac De. This is where locals will often pray to stave off any impending natural calamities.

5) Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An is a town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to several prevailing characteristics, one of which is the town decorations by the lanterns. In flamboyant colors and sizes, lanterns made of silk are considered as a special product of Hoi An. Several shops can be found inside the old town while most of them are encouraging visitors to watch the lantern making process, (like Hoi An Handicraft). You can pay a small fee to enjoy the Handicraft Workshop and to take pictures with these decorations.

6) A Boat with Lanterns

Also known as the “lantern town” of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, when the sun sets, it is lightened by lanterns instead of light bulbs and we think that is what magnifies the beauty of the town furthermore. Hoi An exhibits different colors in the darkness of the night and this is what gives our Instagram a chance to shine out like the lanterns used. We were lucky to discover the serenity offered by a boat ride in the dark waters with lanterns illuminating the path is quite

7) Hoi An Coffee Shops

Vietnam might be best known for its classic Vietnamese coffee, but the Third Wave of coffee has been sweeping over Hoi An of late, with great coffee fast becoming the norm. The stores source coffee directly from Vietnamese farmers, roasting it fresh in stores every week. From the moment you walk in these cafes, everything screams of passion for coffee. Iced coffee, ca phe da, is a must-try; it’s a dark roast coffee brewed with a small filter and added to sweetened condensed milk. Some of the famous coffee joints and cafes include Mia Coffee, May Concept, Bep Truong, Reaching Out Tea House, Hoi An Roastery, Uy Viet Coffee Bean, The Espresso Station, Faifo Coffee, Sound of Silence, Cocobox and many more. With free WiFi, all the local shops surrounding you, and the yellow walls of Hoi An brightening the day with the coffee, try the famous Vietnamese coffee t-shirt, inspired by the Starbuck’s logo and show your Instagram that you are more of a coffee person instead of a tea lover.

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