9 Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Singapore

Imagine a city with laughter, vibrant yet elegant colors and at most beauty with no restrictions or weird eyes catching you and your beloved. It seems exciting, right? We visited such a city in 2019 and here we are, telling you, our friends, how you can prove to your world that you are a power couple with 9 Best Instagram Spots in Singapore.

1) Old Hill Street Police Station

It seems like a boring place by the name, right? But actually, it is the exact opposite of dull. Built-in the 20th century in the Neo-Classical style, the government building has a total of 927 windows, all painted in different shades of colors from the rainbow. The colors of the windows intensify with each story. We had the pleasure to add the spot on our Instagram and it was aesthetic.

2) Little India

Little India is a small ethnic district located across Chinatown, Singapore. We traveled to the district to find some of the most interesting walls, covered with symbols of peace, and harmony among which our favorite was the one with eyes painted on hands in prayer. We call it an Instagram Haven, what are you planning to call it?

3) Garden By the Bay

You may have seen a blink of the park in Crazy Rich Asians and it has been featured in various other movies and video games as well. With waterfront gardens equipped with floral art, an unobstructed view of the city skyline, conservatories, flower domes, Cloud Mountains, and supertrees, Garden by the Bay is a true classic. The Supertrees are 18 tree-like structures touching the sky with heights up to 50 meters, covered by nearly 163,000 plants of more than 200 species. If you succeed in taking your eyes off the magnificent garden, you won’t miss taking it to your Instagram.

4) Library at Orchard

You are not a fan of books? It doesn’t matter. We all are well acquainted with the fact that books are our best friends that don’t only teach us stuff but also help us with better pictures for our Instagram and Pinterest. The reason for this Library’s popularity among Instagram users is the fact that the books shelves here seem like waves and an aerial picture in the library will give your Instagram a better and nerdy look. Being little nerdy harms no one.


Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (and MES was additional to make it sound like “chimes”), is a historical building complex located at Victoria Street, within the central area of Singapore. The building complex contains groups of buildings of different styles and periods to maintain diversity in aesthetics. With a total of 648 capitals on the columns and a spiral staircase along a corridor, finely detailed works, and many more features. Even the most common staircase picture will help you grab attention on your Instagram.

6) Haji Lane

Located in the Kampong Glam neighborhood of Singapore, Haji Lane is home to several independent fashion boutiques and Middle Eastern cafes. The lane comprises wall art and the best wearable of Eastern Asia. The most striking one of these wall paintings was of a face with a skin of blue and red bricks. The intense looks in the eye of the painting are what make you lose yourself in it. Yes, another must-have for your Instagram timeline.

7) Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge is the one connecting Marina Centre with Marina South in the Marina Bay area in Singapore. With a design inspired by the structure of a DNA, the architectural lighting features emphasize the various shapes and curves. Towards that end, a series of dynamic multi-colored light-emitting diode (LED) lights are installed on the helix structures illuminating the internal canopy of glass and steel mesh to create a dynamic membrane of light. It is a visual treat for you and your Instagram followers altogether.

8) Colorful Spiral Staircases at Bugis

One of the most pleasant sights of the city is the colorful spiral staircases at Bugis. These flamboyant staircases are located at the backs of narrow shop houses in Bugis village at 233 Victoria Street. The staircases will paint your Instagram in warm pastel colors as themselves.

9) Singapore Changi Airport

Many YouTube and Instagram artists have spent a 24-hour vacation at the airport to prove why the airport holds its title of the World’s Best Airport. The airport fuses artistry, architecture, and nature into a single structure and is fun for people of all ages. The HSBC Rain Vortex, a 40-meter-high indoor waterfall flanked on all sides by tropical plants and over 2,000 trees, indoor playgrounds, the island’s tallest slide and the Family Zone, and The Canopy Park that includes enchanting attractions, from garden mazes to mist-filled play areas.

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