Visit Art Science Museum in Singapore and enjoy science through art

Singapore is a country where you can find a perfect balance between nature and human life. In fact, people have a perfectly balanced nature with innovations that are backed up with science. Marina Bay Sands is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact. If you are planning to visit there, you should think about getting into Art Science Museum.

What is Art Science Museum?

Art Science Museum, which is located inside Marina Bay Sands is an outstanding landmark, which has a unique and one-of-a-kind architecture. This building looks like a lotus flower when looked at it from outside. You can find a large number of exhibits within the building. The total floor area of the Art Science Museum is around 5,000 square meters. Inside it, you can discoverer 21 gallery spaces. All of them are naturally lit. The exhibition space brings together culture, science, art, and technology.

What can you see at Art Science Museum?

Before you visit Art Science Museum, it is helpful to have a basic understanding about the attractions that you can see.

One of the best things about this museum is that all the exhibits available for people to witness are evolving and changing along with time. It keeps up with the trends in science and art world. As of now, you will be able to find four exhibitions inside the Art Science Museum, which includes permanent exhibition.

For example, they had “Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes” as an exhibition inside Art Science Museum. People were able to explore favorite Marvel characters by attending this pop-up exhibition.

Another exhibition that you can discover in Art Science Museum is “Wind Walkers: Theo Jansen’s Strand beets”. According to visitors, it is the most fascinating exhibition that anyone can see in Art Science Museum. That’s because you will be provided with the opportunity to experience man-made beasts, which are made out of plastic. These have been created in the form of functional machines. They present a unique blend of locomotion, engineering, and art.

All the people who visit Art Science Museum will be provided with the chance to get a virtual rainforest experience as well. That’s because you can find a dedicated exhibition inside Art Science Museum, which is named “Into the Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure”. While experiencing the virtual forest, you can also get to know about the negative consequences that are associated with deforestation.

There are five different environments inside the museum. They are named Sanctuary, Town, Nature, Space, and Park. You can get a totally immersive experience while you visit them. It is a great place to witness diversity and you will be impressed with what is presented. It is a permanent exhibit that you can find here.

Along with these exhibits, you can find few other exhibitions, which are scheduled to take place in the future.

The exhibition spaces are filled with touch-screens, LED lights, and surround sound. Therefore, all guests who visit the place will be provided with the chance to get a 360-degree immersive experience. You are guaranteed to fall in love with this experience and it will help you to get a wonderful experience. You will also be able to interact with many exhibits that are installed in the exhibition spaces. For example, you can click, touch or move those installations and learn new things about them.

How to get the most out of your visit to Art Science Museum

You can purchase tickets to get to Art Science Museum online. There is a concierge at Marina Bay Sands, where you will be able to redeem the online tickets purchased. This museum is open for guests in six different time slots of the day. They include 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm and 5:30pm. You will have to get in at any given time of the day. However, you are encouraged to come at least 30 minutes before the time, as you can expect long queues.

To get the most out of Art Science Museum, you are encouraged to visit there during the morning hours. That’s because the museum is less crowded during morning hours. Hence, you will be provided with a better chance to interact with exhibits.

If you are planning to visit Art Science Museum with your kids, you need to go on a Friday. That’s because you will be able to accommodate up to four kids for free with every adult ticket. The ticket prices are also cheaper for students and Singapore residents.

Information About Art Science Museum

📍 Location:
🏠 Address: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
🕒 Hours: 10AM–9PM
☎️ Phone: +6566888888
💲 Admission: Check official website

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