Monkey Beach on Ko Phi Phi Don (Phi Phi, Thailand)

Monkey Beach is a small 200-meter long beach on the west coast of Phi Phi Don Island. This spot is extremely beautiful and popular, a standard stop for almost all excursions coming to the Phi Phi Islands from Phuket and the nearby resorts.

The name Monkey Beach speaks for itself. However, this place has become famous not only for its monkeys but for its stunning views and crystal clear water.

This place has been popular for several decades, and all tourists who come here consider it their duty to treat the local monkeys with something. As a result, local monkeys suffer from chronic gluttony and some of them are eaten almost to a spherical shape. Things need to be watched – monkeys can take something from tourists and take it to the jungle. Numerous posters report that animals can be aggressive and unpredictable on close contact. During our trip, we saw only one monkey and it was absolutely lazy to even look at us but maybe it because we came during the noon.

In addition to monkeys, travelers are attracted by scenic views, as well as interesting places for diving and snorkeling. In the coastal waters, the bottom is sandy and rocky, 10 meters from the coast there are many coral reefs. The coast is gentle, the slope is 100 meters.

Since the distance between the beaches of Lo Dalam and Monkey Beach is just over a kilometer, you can easily swim to Monkey Beach by kayak; the latter are plentiful for rental at Lo Dalam Beach. More lazy tourists can hire a boat, it is easy to do on the same Lo Dalam beach.

There is no infrastructure on Monkey Beach, so take everything you need with you. Don’t repeat our mistakes when we run out of water and we were extremely thirsty.

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