Exploring 110-meter High Skydeck & Terminal 21 Korat

Terminal 21 Korat is a large department store that is perfect for walking on a hot day, relaxing after an intense road trip, and eating in one of many restaurants or at a famously affordable food court. There is also a unique highlight – the Skydeck viewing point. The tower is equipped with airport terminal-style facilities that open a check-in counter on the 5th floor in a futuristic atmosphere. 

Skydeck at Terminal 21 Korat is a tower from which you can see the whole of Korat city at 360 degrees at 110 meters high. You do not need to pay an admission fee nowadays – Skydeck is free of charge for all visitors. Guests need to wait for their round to go up by elevator, which starts at 10.30 onwards and is available every 15 minutes. Each group can be a maximum of 10 people per round with the tour up to 30 minutes. This schedule allows visitors to have enough time to experience the view without being annoyed by other people.

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The views from Skydeck Terminal 21 Korat are incredible! We came here at 3 PM first and loved it so much! After walking around Terminal 21 Korat, we even went back for another round during sunset time to take more photos. No regrets! The pictures turned out beautiful.

Terminal 21 Korat is massive! The department store is located on 32 rai land site with 200,000 square meters of department store area, parking for 2,500 cars, and 1,800 motorcycles. The project value is more than 6,000 million baht. 

Terminal 21 Korat focuses on design, with all seven floors of the items being the themes of beautiful cities from seven countries. Everywhere you can take pictures, including stairs, pillars, floors, ceilings, and even the bathroom. It also will remind visitors about any other Terminal 21 in Thailand as most of them share the same concepts and interior design. However, the Skydeck feature is available only in Korat! Don’t miss your chance and come to visit.

More Information about Skydeck & Terminal 21 Korat

Location on Google Maps
Time: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Phone: 044498888


Entrance: 5th floor, Terminal 21 Korat
Admission: Free
Tower Height: 110 meters

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