The 5 best bike rides around Bangkok

Over 300,000 people ride a bicycle in Thailand. Of that total, about 70% live in Bangkok and the remaining 30% are in upcountry areas. Most of the tourists say they won’t ride a bike in the capital of Thailand because of the traffic. If you are not one of them, have a look at the list of the best hidden cycling routes cycling 🚴 ⁣

⓵ Bang Kachao

⁣You can explore Bangkok’s Green Lung in its entirety by bicycle for only ฿100 (about $3) a day. ⁣

Bonus: You can take a picture just like we did here!🚴⁣

⓶ The Old City (Rattanakhosin)⁣

Enjoy fantastic views of Bangkok, including the view of the famous Rama VIII Bridge, the old white fort of Santicha Prakan Park and the best river scenes around the city. The area has a few really cool cycling friendly coffee shops where you can easily park your bike and have a cup of coffee. For example, Cafe Velodome is one of our all the time favourites as it has an amazing view over the river. We even celebrated Thai New Yeah here once. 🚴⁣

⓷ Lumpini Park⁣

This option may be very familiar for all Thailand lovers as Lumpini Park is one the most popular parks here. It is well known and is not really a hidden gem but walking or cycling here is very enjoyable and easy.🚴⁣

⓸ Benjakiti Park

Off the BTS station at Asok, you can walk there in about five minutes and you are here! For those of you who are not cycling, feel free to rent a swan paddleboat for an hour for just a few dollars. We tried once and it was so much fun!🚴⁣

⓹ Ayutthaya⁣

Not a Bangkok destination but it is still very reasonable option as you can kill two birds with one stone – visiting and riding throughout the ancient city. This is trully the best way to explore Ayutthaya!🚴⁣

Can you ride a bicycle❓Where was the best country, city or place you rode a bicycle❓Let us know under the post❗️

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