The Lion King, the world’s #1 Musical, in Bangkok

Disney’s The Lion King 🦁 is the number 1 musical in the world and yesterday we got a chance to see the show in Bangkok and we were impressed!

😍 Emotions: It feels like a childhood dream come true from the time you felt like sitting in the Lion King’s back πŸ† Except for this time as an adult you are more interested in the singing of the actors and decorations.

It’s fun to hear songs from childhood heroes and even sing along. Actors behind Zazu, Timon, and Pumbaa are especially bounded with their characters.

πŸŽ₯ Productions: As we said, the Lion King musical is full of stunning lights and colors! We went without any expectations but came out very impressed and satisfied by play.

⏰ Length: 2 sets approximately 3 hours, with a 20-minute break between.

We loved everything from magnificent productions, clothes, hair to the exploration of the African culture. If you are in Bangkok, you shouldn’t miss the last chance to see The Lion King musical before November 10.

Buy tickets online using this link.


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