A Day Trip to Cijin Island on an Electric Motorcycle (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Travel to Kaohsiung? Don’t miss Cijin Island! A must-visit place that you can explore by an electrical motorbike. We organized for you 1-day trip itinerary and choose for you all Instagram worthy places.

Pro Tip: We recommend you to pin all the places on your Google Map before your trip. You can find the direct links to all locations in this itinerary – just look for πŸ“ emoji!

Arriving from Taipei to Zuoying HSR Station

Step 1: take the Red Line from Zuoying HSR Station to MRT Sizihwan Station.
Step 2: you would need to change a train and walk to the Orange line at the Formosa Boulevard HSR Station.
Skip this step and head to MRT Sizihwan Station if you stay in Kaohsiung overnight.

Renting electrical motorbike at MRT Sizihwan Station

Step 1: head to MRT Sizihwan Station and take the Exit No. 1
Step 2: rent an electrical motorbike from the shop in front of the MRT entrance * 500nt for 1 day.
Note: They will take your passport as a deposit. Also you can also leave your bag there. Just ask them.
Step 3: Bike straight to Gushan Ferry Pier Station to cross to Cijin Island.
Note: Before you land on the boat, prepare your money for each passenger and your motorbike. You can pay by using Easy Card as well (it is the best and fastest option!)

Pin πŸ“ MRT Sizihwan Station, Exit no.1 on Google Maps.

Pin πŸ“ Gushan Ferry Pier Station on Google Maps.

Cijin Ferry Station

Next Step: Open Google Maps and bike to the Rainbow Church.
Note: We know it will be a bit difficult for solo travellers to drive and use Google Maps at the same time but you may just follow the beach road and check the direction on a map from time to time. The traffic is reasonable and it is easy to drive.

Pin πŸ“ Cijin Ferry Station on Google Maps.

Rainbow Church

There are two objects you can take your photos with. The best time for taking photos at the Rainbow Church is morning! Let say between 08.00-11.00.

Pink πŸ“ Rainbow Church on Google Maps.

Next Step: Bike to Cijin Shell Statue.

Cijin Shell Museum

You will see the giant shell statue which is next from the Cijin Shell Museum. Don’t forget to check the back of the shell to listen to the sea.

Pin πŸ“ Cijin Shell Museum on Google Maps.

Next Step: Bike to Cijin Windmill Park.

Cijin Windmill Park

Another spot you will enjoy taking photos! We felt some Wes Anderson’s aesthetics vibes here. We came to Cijin Windmill Park at 3 pm and had great direct sunlight. After visiting Cijin Windmill Park, we drove to the Qijin Xingkong Tunnel to spend some time by the sea and nature.

Pin πŸ“ Cijin Windmill Park on Google Maps.

Qijin Xingkong Tunnel

The Qijin Xingkong Tunnel is most popular among young tourists and locals. We recommend visiting the road that goes further at the end of the tunnel. Come to take photos with an amazing cactus view and just enjoy stunning nature. Try to visit during the golden hours, around 4:30 pm.

Pin πŸ“ Qijin Xingkong Tunnel on Google Maps.

Next Step: Bike to “Qi Jin Old Street

Qi Jin Old Street

Popular shopping area with a lot of food. Enjoy your well deserved meal after such a busy day. You can visit Fish market there, too!

Pin πŸ“ Qi Jin Old Street on Google Maps.

Next Step: bike to “Cijin Ferry Pier” and take a boat.

Cijin Ferry Pier & Zuoying HSR Station

You will arrive back at Gushan Ferry Pier Station. Then bike to Sizihwan Station to return your electrical motorbike to the shop you rent it from.

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We wish you to have the best trip!

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