Valentine’s post special: we share sweet memories about each other

Are you guys preparing anything for Valentine’s day 2020?

We are usually extremely simple on days like Valentine’s and don’t celebrate it much. Anyway, this year we are still going to a sushi buffet date, with a wine bar later on (we do both quite often on regular days though 😂)

To make this Valentine’s day post more memorable, we would like to share some sweet memories about each other, none of which related to the 14th of February.

Aon: Lan is usually waking up before me. Every day he goes to buy me an iced americano, then he goes to a mini-market to buy a pack of soy milk (I’m lactose intolerant), then mixes it up to make an ice soy milk latte. I’m lucky to start every day with a cup of an iced latte from my favorite person ever!

Lan: When we just met each other, I was living by myself. One night I had a stomach ache in the middle of the week. The pain was making me scream and suffer for a few hours. That time I briefly mentioned it to Aon in a text chat. I didn’t want to sound like a drama queen, so I didn’t say how bad it was. However, Aon showed up on my door in the middle of the night with a lot of medicine. I woke up the next morning as a brand new person, thinking, how lucky am I to meet this new guy Aon.

Ahhh, sweet memories! Together we had many adventurous travels, laughs, tears, sad and happy moments, but in the end, love and kindness are the only things that we remember. Let’s love more ❤️

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