We Flew On The Last Flight From Luang Prabang To Bangkok Before All Airline Shutdown

We knew it wouldn’t be easy but went to Luang Prabang anyway. Those who watched our stories know it was announced yesterday that all visitors coming to Thailand, started from Sunday, 22nd March, required to have a health certificate, issued no more than 72 hours before traveling, confirming that they have been tested and are free from Covid-19. As well as an insurance policy showing minimum coverage for coronavirus of not less than the US $100,000.

The news didn’t stop there. The next day after our arrival to Luang Prabang, the Lao government has suspended the issuance of visas for foreign tourists for 30 days and suspended all levels of education to prevent Covid-19. We realized we couldn’t go back to Laos if Thailand would not accept us.

Then our flight was canceled. In fact, all local air companies suspended all flights from Luang Prabang to Bangkok till the middle of April at least.

We were shocked and didn’t know know what to do. However, we were lucky to have an amazing team at Pullman Luang Prabang and 3 Nagas Luang Prabang – MGallery, who offered us a few options to deal with our troubles. They called, checked all the information and arrange everything for our come back. Thank you so much for being very helpful and making sure we are doing the right decisions.

We came back to Bangkok safe and sound on almost the last possible flight, just 7 hours before the shutdown.

After such an adventure we are going to self-quarantine ourselves for the next 14 days. We hope everyone is safe ♥️

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