Our Roller-Coaster Week: Cut Laos Trip In Half, Flight Canceled and Instagram Block

This photo was taken a few minutes after we got an email saying about the cancellation of our flight from Luang Prabang to Bangkok. We were shocked, but we still decided to continue to enjoy this incredibly beautiful temple. By the time we came back to the hotel, all flights to Thailand for the next 1,5 months were canceled. As a result, we exchanged tickets to the next day aka the last possible flight to Bangkok. We also realized, that if we couldn’t back as early as the next day, we will be stuck in Laos because of new Thai regulations we both would need a bunch of documents we just can’t collect.

Long story short, we cut our Lao trip in half and made it to the Bangkok safe and sound. Upon arrival, we wanted to publish a post on Instagram, but the application didn’t post our capture. After we tried to fix the text from the second phone, the application just blocked us for a week.

What a rollercoaster week! Maybe it’s all for the best…

How have you been doing lately? We hope you guys are taking good care of yourself. Good health is the most wanted thing and we wish you a healthier life forever.

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