Thailand eyes July 1 lockdown end

Since many of our friends here are interested in updates from our side, there is some news we would love to share regarding the current situation in Thailand.

First of all, the Thai government plans to completely lift the lockdown of all businesses and activities on July 1 across the country with preparations made in advance next month.

This includes lifting inter-provincial travel restrictions as well as ending the emergency decree and curfew.

Easing of some restrictions will start on Monday (June 1) once this is published in the Royal gazette. It includes gyms, cinemas, zoos and massage shops. Sports stadiums are now open for practice but competitions are not allowed.

But most importantly, there are still restrictions on entry by land, sea, and air! So don’t be confused by headlines saying tourists may be allowed to enter Thailand without 14-day quarantine from July 1. Only foreigners with a work permit will be allowed back in. Also, they must have COVID19 insurance and pay for quarantine.

Thank you @richardbarrow for all important updates!

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