News from Thailand: International Travel, George Floyd rally in Bangkok & Thai Pride

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We have a few news for you, one is about traveling in Thailand, and the second about Justice for George Floyd rally in Bangkok. Plus we still keep celebrating Thai Pride online!

1) Here in Thailand, domestic travel is now allowed between provinces for some time now. However, international travel into Thailand is still banned. The government has announced that it will start allowing international travel in July if everything will continue to stay stable.

2) There will be a rally ‘Justice for George Floyd (Peacefully Paying Our Respects)’ in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is expected to be held Sunday from 1 pm-3 pm at a location to be confirmed.

Attendees are encouraged by the event’s organizers to wear black, wear masks, bring signs, and practice social distancing. The event was announced Tuesday, and more than 800 people have so far expressed interest.

3) Don’t forget about @lgbtqtravelthailand as we continue celebrating Thai Pride online for the very first time this year. We invite all of you, Thai lovers, to share your wonderful Thailand travel experience! Use #CelebrateThaiPride and #LGBTQTravelThailand to share your story and photo with us on any social media!

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