Colorful buildings at Zhengbin Fishing Port (Keelung, Taiwan)

Today’s flashback is dedicated to these vibrant buildings at the Zhengbin Fishing Port. Aon is always wanted to visit Nyhavn in Copenhagen, and since our European trip together didn’t happen yet, we decided to find something similar in Asia for now.

Zhengbin Fishing Port in Keelung, Taiwan, was built in 1934 and it used to be the biggest fishing port in Taiwan during the Japanese era. Now, these colorful buildings are an attempt to draw tourists.

People told us it’s easily reached by public transport but we spend AN HOUR waiting for bus 101 from Keelung train station. No regrets though, those colorful houses are the cutest we’ve ever seen! The thing is no one outside of Taiwan knows this place, so we felt like gem explorers at the time.

Have you seen this spot before? What do you guys think?

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