How To Be Body-Positive and Lose Some Weight

On the scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your body?

We would put ourselves in the middle, but the best thing is being body positive. Trying to improve and develop as we get older. The older we got, we cared less about how we look shirtless.

For example, this photo we took 2 years ago and we wouldn’t post anything shirtless on Instagram at that time. But now we feel exactly the opposite, we looked GREAT (compare to now… jk😝) with a bit of fat here and there.

When we met each other we started eating together like crazy. Maybe you may think how could it be more after watching our recent food stories, but believe us, it was a lot! Fast food, a lot of desserts and sweet drinks (you may know how popular they are in Thailand!) however, small changes with time can make some differences.

Instagram may have a lot of bad effects on our mental health but sometimes it may work well for us, too. After seeing too many perfect bodies all over social media, we decided we COULD NEVER LOOK LIKE THIS but we can improve what we have. So we’ve bought dumbbells, cut out all sugary drinks (even learned to love black iced Americano with no sugar as much as we love a caramel macchiato and Mocca!), we started to eat a bit healthier (but still a lot!)

We are still ‘pumpui’ (Thai word to say overweight with a cute meaning) but the world at the moment has so many more important things going on, so we couldn’t care less about how we look even if sometimes it feels like half out of 10. Let’s celebrate all bodies and all shapes and maybe not rate ourselves out of 10. Because if we love ourselves you will end up a 10 for someone. And maybe they end up being the 1 💖

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